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Komo news one thousand and FM ninety seven seven welcome back to perspective. I'm Sherry Preston. Hitting married is a big deal for anybody. But for former NFL player, Jeff roar. It was monumental. He's the first player in league history to marry a man ABC's. Juju Chang has more on the story. I was looking for. So. It's the groundbreaking love story that made headlines. I want to congratulate Jeff roar. Former Cowboys linebacker. We now have NFL. I former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jeff roar doing something. No other current or former NFL player had ever done all the things I've done in my life. This is the most courageous thing I've ever done as human being publicly coming out and marrying his boyfriend Josh Ross walking into the rest of your life. Everybody was balling. It's not Jeff's first marriage. He was wed to head the roar for seventeen years. Not that he didn't love me. But it was it was different type of love. So his it's more genuine and real to love a man for Jaffrey. The former husband and wife, redefining what it means to be a family with Heather and their kids living on the same property with Jeff and Joshua. We are a living example of a modern family. Formal clean. We got two teenagers and Joshua. And my ex-wife living on the same property. Burger each other's lives forever. Because of our children Jeff says he was terrified about living openly as a gay, man. Don't wanna hurt the Cowboys. I didn't want to hurt the league. And I want to be respectful of them. They were kind to me for many years lending me or the silver and blue and be a cowboy why would being a gay man hurt the league. I don't know if it would hurt the league. But Josh and our the first same sex marriage in in the NFL. It's a landmark that. I'm sure they knew it was coming at some point the significance of setting that precedent wasn't lost on Joshua or other people might project. Wow. That's amazing. You know, dating football player something. But immediately, I knew in my mind that that was going to be resistance to our relationship and might make it more difficult to you them in trouble, Tim. Yeah. It did.

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