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E could he could not I mean, I've been high on this dude since he showed up, and I think I really think the Pittsburgh pirate fan base needs something to be excited about needs to do that they can hang their hat on. And I believe Tom is that Jared does it have to be a starting pitcher? Because the first thing the cancer mind was a pitcher. But it was not a starting pitcher. No, actually, the question was which young pitcher so feel free to answer accordingly. Oh, okay. Great. Because I am going with Jordan Hicks built owing with Jordan Hicks. I control initially for this guy. But anytime that you're talking about one four one zero five on the gun with movement. These are sinkers these are not forcing fastballs that. He's throwing. Yeah. I'm going to be paying attention anytime that I'm looking at one of my five TV's here at the launching pad during baseball season, and it's ready to to. It's it's time to close out a game in Saint Louis. I will be paying attention to that game. For that simple reason that Jordan Hicks is the guy that's getting the ball tonight. Yet realized I mean, it's only about thirty miles an hour or so less jeered. But like he almost throws quite literally twice as hard as you. Do. That's not true at all. That's incredible. Like. That's if he threw twice as hard as me he'd throw like a hundred and fifty miles an hour. I said I said almost right? So you take sixty eight you double that once day. That's accurate. I will not let this slander be spoken on my own podcast. Whatever it is. So white socks day, by the way through sixty nine which was tough to see after warming up and having a mound. I did not warm up and threw off flat ground with the hangover. So we'll see I mean, I know that I'll throw harder than him. If seventy two his max, and I threw sixty eight without warming up on flat ground. Gimme a mound. Give me a some warm pitches. And I'm blown right past the guy that both throwing ninety one. There has never been a Santa rivalry. The the answer is Jack Flaherty. Oh, I like it. Jay. About eleven strikeouts per nine last year over one hundred and fifty one innings three point three four ERA. I think it might be RA might go up a little bit. But I think the strike outs are going to remain. I think the walks might drop a little bit. But I think he might be the cardinals ace as soon as the two thousand nineteen season as far as that rotation goes on a printing basis, especially with the news that Carlos Martinez could be deployed out of the bullpen this year. Which is an interesting story to watch in and of itself. But good picks. I like your guys picks to they were pretty good. If you were let's stick with pitching. If you were a new franchise and you had to pick one of these pitchers to build your rotation around for the next fons. Who would you take in? Why Blake Snell the affirmation Aaron Nola or Jose barrios, the less? Gimme the last. I'm going Blake snow..

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