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Hayward chuck hayward Peter cameron a writer gets get written with this week. Of course jack shafer. The great jack shafer is always are created for television by. She's the producer. of course. jack. Kirby and stan lee created one to maximus roy. Thomas and john busey creative vision. Peer cameron was our executive story editor. This week as bobak as far. Johnny both executive story editors and then along with mackenzie door and then we get three three hardest working people show business this week. Our staff writers. Meghan mcdonald's laura. Donny and cameron squires all staff writers all doom. What needs to be done to get the off there. Were on the air As it needs to be anyway so this is an interesting of course opens with our malcolm in the middle entrance which which was a lot of fun Don't question just keep going and is it a dream. is it reality. All these things that are in our thing wasn't technicial song to malcolm in the middle that don't give a damn about my bad reputation. That was Freaks and geeks okay. That was that one. Yeah so different shows but no malcolm in the middle was By they might be giants. Life is unfair by. Viz is right right right and the utilize utilize. The fourth wall. Breaks a lot in this. 'cause this is the fourth wall breaks of malcolm in the middle which also and also tellingly the first character breaks. The fourth wall was little billie with the magic powers. And this is interesting. We also get this idea in this. That remember in the last episode vision makes you statement. We always used to be of one mind. But we aren't any more. And i think that is maybe a reference to the fact that her she in the minds stone were linked but now that he's been recreated maybe he doesn't share that link with her anymore but they used to be of one mind but now that he's evolving and becoming his own person again to some extent ch- reducing that. There's something missing He is now gaining that independence giving their economy. Which again is why. I say again. I do think that the vision. Israel's and this whole process is about healing both the vision and the people of westview know it's interesting. It's almost like he's. He's getting less than himself by finding out more right to the more he finds out about the law that he doesn't know the less he really knows who he is. Full adam and what it is is he is. He's a computer programs as he always was. And the thing about a computer program is he's an operating system so when you have an operating system it can pull data but the os remains even if you way. Pull the data. If you lose all your files you still have microsoft word. you know. it's still going to behave just like microsoft word evenly extra windows. Yes walberg own called. Which is operatives systems. So mac has an. There's the mac os and then there's the windows os technically koldo s.'s. Everyone thinks about s. The mac os because it didn't come up with a fancy name because you know they had the first graphic interface and then you know bill gates it..

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