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He is always full speed all the time. And I give them all the credit in the world for that. But like the afterburners that he turned on to get to the first to get the delis ball on the first goal to like threat through to defenders and still have the composure. To finish at the end of it. Amazing. Amazing. I can I say something as well. Can I add daily into the mix there the weight on his passes for when he was involved with the more goals, and he fed son in the first half. And and when sun kind of had a meek effort on net. I've deli was to probably should've had a goal himself. If not for an incredible safe from ONA on the on that volley from Delhi dot close one. That was well known Spurs didn't score that I thought it was still too. You're right. It's another one of those moments. I mean, I'm watching the game while work, and that was I feel bad for the guy who I work with who kind of sits in front of me. You can't see me. And so, you know, he's going about his doing his job or whatever. And then every once in a while he must have been terrified because he would just get like these bangs at infill wear like sudden like yelling and cursing for me and just like then taught him start scoring and sudden screams. It must have just been like what is going on behind me. Now, he was invested to sure he like got seems like the whole country was. And then the second goal for Tottenham to get it to to you know, again, like like with Delhi moment shortly before that Fernando your intake had he not had he not score. But this miscommunication between Nana and the defender Shona and Shona. Like these little moments in the ball squeaks free and Lucas Moore. Who dribbles between defenders get space whips one around on the goal. I'm afraid in the replays that we'll see in the future. It will all be the winning goal. And quite rightly because that was that was the pinnacle moment for Spurs in the game. But his feet in the box to dig out something to leather at home between a felt like went between someone's legs are like my brain is fried. There was a gap there, and he found it was just unbelievable. And then you're thinking this is so on well, then yes now the world is reinvested in a game that it had kinda given up on. And there's always that voice in the back of my head. It's spurs. It's bert. Like, this is what they do. I said to you before we started recording that there was a point when we got to the eighty seventh minute on the corner kick and the ball falls to Tongan former I XE player. Bloodied. Face in the previous match able to go in the second leg chance to be a hero been with the club forever. It feels like literally amassed avenger. Yeah. And if falls to him in that moment to be the hero. No one near him six yards out and heads it off the bar comes right back to them. Second attempt. Put on that cleared off the line. And that's the you drop your head in your hands moment. And you think it's Spurs you knew that they were going to suck you back in. And you just knew that. There was going to be that moment where you thought you had at one like guess event is in the Champions League last year when it fell off the post in stoppage time like and this was that moment, and the fact that like while the while fans around the world might have put their head in their hands. They never did. They never did. And once again long ball in the ninety fifth Moro. Okay. Okay. Let's back up there sparky right before that. There was a beautiful. I won't have. Indication for a man who's being highly criticized the Spurs goalkeeper Zayat again has the chance to finish it. It's over on Ugo Reese, pulls off one of the most important is probably the most important save in the history of Tottenham Hotspur football shop the most I'm happy to say that because that goes in. You've done. It's over. And then it's a long ball lumped towards your enta- another man who is. I I don't know..

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