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Following a motorcycle accident Thursday night in South Carolina. He was just 47. His old coach, Bill Belichick offered his deepest sympathies to patents family this week and added David was a great contributor both on and off the field. He was an inspiration to his teammates, his coaches everyone in the organization, his leadership because of the example that he set and the way he competed. And perform in big games. He was one of the most respected players, You know, the honestly I've ever been around the three time Super Bowl champion patent will be remembered as one of the most clutch receivers in Pat's history. An interesting bit of trivia as well. Patent caught Troop. Let's those final postseason touchdown passing the Pats uniform and Tom Brady's first patent enjoyed four seasons in New England and a dozen years in the NFL. Overall, he'll be missed by the countless teammates, coaches, fans and others he touched along the way. Adam Kaufman WBS The Boston's news radio 12 13 traffic on the threes. The superb ER retailers of New England All will drive traffic on the trees is sponsored by Boston. Logan Explore the possibilities at fly Logan dot com. Kevin All right, Laurie will start it off down on the cave. Looks like we cleared that crash on Route six. And that Harwich stretch between route 1, 37 and Route 1 24. Still some minor residual delays in both directions there, then Route six westbound a little over. Maybe Close to two miles back up here Approaching the Sagamore Bridge trying to get off Cape Route three north. Um, you're locked up route 53 hand over all the way up past Derby Street. That's about five miles of stop and go traffic going to take about 15 minutes to get through that southbound hung up Just a bit into the Derby Street lane. Drop 24 95 Okay, and even the expressway not too bad north beyond just the top of the brakes here. At Columbia Road Up to the North 1 28 southbound slowdowns approaching workers after Salem Street in Lynnfield, Out to the West 4 95 southbound tied up route 62 down 2 to 90 and Marlboro and keep in mind. The Brimfield antique flea markets started again today. So expect delays a wrong route 20 through that Brimfield stretch. Kevin Brennan. WB's ease traffic on.

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