City Council, James Coleman, President Trump discussed on Morning Edition


I'm day Freeman now 8 30. Lie from NPR news. I'm Laxmi, saying President Trump has emerged from the White House and is now at Arlington National Cemetery marking Veterans Day. His campaign. Meanwhile, of legal fights and delays continues for another day, while President elect Biden forges ahead with his transition with or without the administration's cooperation. NPR's Franco or Dona says Biden downplays the idea of taking any legal action and believes a standoff is hurting trumps legacy more than him. Trump himself has been mostly quiet other than on Twitter. The campaign announced that it was filing a new federal lawsuit Michigan seeking to block the certification of election results until a review could be done, and it's just one of a Siri's of legal challenges the campaign is pursuing many of them have already failed in the court. Biden holding a narrow lead over Trump in Georgia, the secretary of state has announced a hand recount. It'll have to be completed by next Friday in that state. Well, there are worries Corona virus will spread faster in the upcoming holidays. The CDC is now urging people to do more than wear a mask and frequently wash hands. Here's W A. B Sam Whitehead The CDC says it will be important to host gatherings outside. They have guests bring their own food and drinks and to avoid travel. The agency also recommends looking at levels of Corona virus community transition, where a gathering is held. That's Sam Whitehead. This is NPR News Live from Cape VD News on Brian What 21 year old James Coleman has been elected to South San Francisco City Council. He will be the first openly queer and youngest member of the council, Alamoudi reports. James Coleman ran against former mayor Rich Garbarino, who's been on the city Council since 2002. He says he became motivated to run for a council seat this summer after participating in protests for racial justice in this City. Hallman believes the city Council didn't respond quickly and strongly enough to calls to reform South City P D. The time has come for more progressive leadership. In our city and this is just the beginning, and our workers is far from over. Coleman campaigned on demilitarizing the local police department. Universal child Care Andy Carbon izing South City. He says his first two priorities are on supporting the city through the rest of the pandemic and on making housing more affordable. Rich Garbarino did not respond for comment in time for the story's deadline. I'm a dirty bundle. Moody, Kate Tweedy News. San Francisco supervisors are extending a moratorium on commercial evictions until March to give some relief to small businesses. The plan will also give business tenants up to two years to come up with their back rent. Supervisor Aaron Peskin sponsored the legislation. Businesses.

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