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Forty seven, and it's a mystery. A, clone mystery. On your host Jane Perron and we're talking fight dentist vying plants. been kept up at night, wondering what on Earth that plant that came with a label Ernie marked foliage foliage plant is then joined the club. We've all been there and this week. We're going to try to untangle some of the issues around plant identification with the help of an expert. Yoku Nell is one of the fleet of experts who helped to. Buy Plants sent into the smart plant identification APP, so we ask him to reveal his plant identification secrets and set him a challenge which turns out to be a bit of a doozy actually. Got An email this week, which constituted the only feedback I've had of the negative coined about. Discussion of the black lives matters movement in a recent code and I wanted to just bring you a little bit of my response to this listener to the you can understand it passive. You've felt uncomfortable with what I've said. This will help you to understand where I'm coming from listener has basically argued that they confronted with politics everywhere they turn from news. TV shows sports at work, and the PODCAST was an escape, and they're not sure what. B. M. has to do with plots. And apparently this is ruined the podcast for them. So this was my response. Thanks for your email I'm truly disappointed to know you feel about on the legis- been ruined by a short segment and dozens of hours of audio and more than one hundred forty episodes. Here's the thing though plants are political, the battles that have raged in order to produce the coffee in your up all the chocolate ball in your lunchbox, a testament to that houseplants, a political to from the Victorian plant. Hunters finding. Finding out across the globe to discover that's in inverted commas, species to the poachers, still tearing succulents out of the ground in south. Africa and Venus fly traps from the swamps of the Carolinas to deny that would to borrow a metaphor have used the postcards before looking at the world through glosses, folks by ignorance. It's my mission trying to understand and explain all facets of house plants, and that includes addressing why black people are under represented in horticulture and doing my best to help change that. I don't lose you as a listener, and you'll be able to come on this journey of discovery with me may not always be comfortable to hear, but it will always be fascinating regards Jane. And I really mean I. Hope any listener who feels uncomfortable with discussions of race in the context of guarding and implants will hang around because he only way we're GONNA change. Things is by communicating with each other and learning from each other, and the more you hear from diverse as possible set of people when it comes to house plants, then the better your education and roundedness will become so. Yeah, keep listening, please and let's go on a journey together. In other news, a lawyer became a legend this week, pledging five dollars a month to support on the Ledge and Mary donated Co Dash Five Dot, com and find out more about how to support the show by visiting. The show notes at Jane Perron Dot Com, an update on plant passports. If you're in the UK and you've been following this debate, all you. You listen to my Nicholas spent episode a few months back about the British government's change in rules, which basically meant that anybody who is selling plants was going to have to register to issue plant passports. You'll be interested to know that I was given a phone call by my local plant inspector recently, and she told me that I basically been deregistered because. The rules changed the. They've decided that hobbyists those not making a profit from selling plants no longer needs to be registered but I will update. The plump passports show notes to this effect and I will put any links that I. Find that confirmed this into those notes, because obviously, this is a change that could affect quite a few of you hoping a good way in that, you don't have to worry about planned passports or shelling out for annual inspections. In a world where information is available at the tip of our fingers, it's surprising perhaps that we can struggle to identify a house plot, but yes, it still happens whether you pick something up in a sale, and it's just had a rather cryptic last on it. No label at all or you've been handed, applaud by relative or friend. Pick something up at a swap, and you just don't know what it is. So where do you start well? I always think with plant identification. It's a bit like a giant maze. There may be several paths to reaching your destination. The name of the plant obviously, and there are different ways of getting there. You've just gotTa find out the one that works for you and often time when the topic of plant identification comes up, people immediately comment when I asked for an ID on social media and say Oh. Have you tried this pull that up and tried Google Lens and bad always slightly makes me feel uncomfortable, and here's why I think. These apps are absolutely brilliant things. Things like Google Lens are brilliant. I cannot tell you how exciting it was where my son was doing a survey of the spiders in our house, and we've pointed Google Lens at a spider on the ceiling, and it immediately identified it. I hope correctly as a particular species of spider. It was miraculous, but when I've tested these APPs myself I'm talking about the APPS that use some form of Ai to identify a plant or indeed anything else. It's sometimes been disappointing because I've tested out the up on. Applaud that I know very well the name off and it hasn't always been correct. oftentimes it is which is remarkable, but you have to be aware that it's not always going to send you in the right direction, and in fact I'm going to do a little bit of a live experiment here on the edge. I've got my smartphone here. And I'M GONNA. Go with! Google Lens to identify long. That's here on my window sill to see if the Lens could identify just. Reaching round to. Get the camera on the plant..

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