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There was a guy to get a shout out around here and i know sean fontham around these parts people looking for like omega shout out ben lyon shout out for sean shouts of carlo the pill the chicago zoning he very the five per la's allstar we had to come back on this this week it just to check things dry carlos carlos up who like is waiting outside frank delgado's nightclubs like now these i'd gone it's four o'clock he's ready to crews out there you know the next group they're wall san so we see the bronco whirlwind concert for the bronze here but we're talking about kobe the lakers recruitment stepped marcellus than i haven't caught up with you in a while it in as we had you know we got out of this crazy deadline we're in by out stage and the lakers made some big moves obviously we've seen that now play out on the court with isaiah oil and i'm still in awe of magic in rob for coming in bringing such enthusiasm and then hitting us with the same exact plan mavis same you've put wrapped it better same gift for for for the longest time it was okay let's clear capspace signed the broad now they're clearing capspace assigned the bronze four years later and it's the same land i mean you really get a feel scarred post traumatic stress at the 2018 mixed team and mix fan you've heard this message before how does that work no there is no hope there is hope skies black and the ground it's just awful insist it's you know as a nick fan not only did he break your artist seizinger mrs first allstar weekend yeah but it is going to miss next year to because they're going to come back to february so kills two years for nick had so what else is now rather just interview bradley beal he would for thirty six of the guard of the other ninety said at halftime coach scott brooks said you guys are down thirty but it's the knicks so keep plant.

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