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Hello a blast that ass up. Hey everybody welcome back to the program episode. Twenty seven twenty two. The last never not funny recording of the trump administration. And we're we're excited to be celebrating it in this way. We're gonna have a parade for the gentleman. And i probably gonna get my red head out of storage looks great. I immediately put it into storage when When he got elected. I said you know that's gonna be a collector's item one day. And i think i'm gonna get nice bringing over to pawn stars and see what hillbillies have to say about. Those guys seemed like There's no doubt that guys pawn stars voted for him. Right says we all agree on. Sounds fair that voices john ross. Bowie were thrilled. He's taking time away from his acting career. John will pop up on a show from time to time. He was on a recent episode of monk that we watched that is not a reason. My hair color dude. It was recent to us because we just we binged monk throughout the pandemic and say this as far as series finales goes series the end of a series episodes that was a two episode arc of the of monk. I'm gonna put it in the top five best series ending episodes ever. It was fantastic at everything you want. They wrapped it up nicely. You choke up because it's ending. It was great and john. Ross bowie was on an episode of monk. That's the whole reason. I came up. It was the The one time. I've actually been the killer. S spoiler alert after decades of suspect work. And i really did i really. I really turned a corner with that episode and Because i had years of being like the guy who was questioned in the first ten minutes and then promptly eliminated. Obviously this schmuck. Didn't do anything this incompetent please. He couldn't kill a piece a little on a hooker and then and then finally monk. Let me Let me be the guy who who kills the sex worker. He said trying to compensate for the fact that he said hooker a minute ago and it was. It was a real game changer for this guy. Also tony shalhoub is nice He very very nice. Tony shalhoub of course he was on the tv show wings as well as you remember that program comedy programme genre you ever on wings. That's before your time in los angeles and it's before my time in los angeles i have no. I was never on wings. We ask you a mash. Gotta run to a gun smoke. Oh no i swear to. God i saw on a recent gunsmoke on maverick tv. Arkan mavericks by the way john. Ross bowie This is interesting here in our house. Interesting strong word have a A photo thing is. Here's the this is has photographs in it and we will flip it over from time to time just to change is the one that's being displayed. a flip thing. Yeah frame thing. Yeah the one that is currently on display for the house to see by that. I mean you know me oliver danielle. Nobody else's walking in here is a photograph. Oh my god. That is oliver and nola. Yes each were just a few months old. Look at. That is not looking at oliver. Like will you please shut the i disagree. I think she's looking in but during. That looks like that. Looks like i crush material and that's my son. Oliver very tiny looking exactly like my grandpa pardo exist saul pardo when saul was ninety years old so they so that is what that is just coincidentally got flipped over and is on display at the moment tastic. This is reminding me to tell nola who is now thirteen. That she'd take the pizzas out of the they are a. That's the other weird thing now. Thirteen years old and think it sounds like one has managed pizzas whereas other ones like. Hey dad can you get the pizza for me okay oliver. That's only because of this. Normally i would be waiting on them. Hand and fun but i wanted to. I wanted to be here in a timely fashion. So i put the pizza in but i will ask her to extract the pizza right now. Let's let's follow up on this pizza. John talk about interesting. Where know are these homemade pizzas or these girls you beak shooter. I wanted to dip.

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