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Don't celebrate the win. You are very good at looking at all this positive things that happen and being like really thankful for it. And then thanking the people that brought that to you. And then it brings you more opportunity, and it seems like something that you've kind of system is a little bit. And in the new book, you don't think of it as luck will actually do you think of it as look I it looks like look from the outside until you really break it down. Yeah. I mean, I almost would. I it feels like look. Because I'm like man if that wouldn't happen. We were talking about this, right? The miracle morning right now is the number one bestselling book in Brazil, and it sold over five hundred thousand copies, and that's all because in Brazil or over Justin Brazil, oh sold almost two million. I think overall. Yeah. Which I didn't know I literally the foreign publishers don't report. So right. Like once a year, I find out. So if somebody asked me, how many copies, I sold them resolved. They probably fifty thousand and then I get down there last week. And my publishers like we want to present you this plaque with you sold five hundred thousand copies of the miracle morning in Brazil wh-what, thanks for the plaque. Whereas my chest. But here's the point. It is because the one of the top reality TV stars in Brazil Adriana, Santana, her friend gave her the first ever self-help book she ever read the miracle morning, and she posted it to her four million Instagram followers because it changed your life. Like what I can't predict that you can't plan that you can't write a book proposal or a business plan on that. Right. And in kind of with the new book, the miracle equation, it it goes back to the adage that there's a quote, or whatever you wanna call it the harder you work, the luckier you get right? And so I really would instead of luck. I would call it serendipity almost it's like because it's happened so consistently so many times based on when I the way I approach life with. This. This mindset these two decisions that we talk about. We're gonna talk about his it's like, I feel like these are unlocked that luck that serendipity. And when you when you study, the world's most successful people just say study, just listen to their interviews. They all talk about how all know, they call it, look or they call it serendipity. They call it chance. They call it something like that. But it's part of their success. I rarely do find someone. That's like, yeah. I had an exact plan and it worked exactly as I wanted and nothing unexpected happened. Like, no, dude, I met this person. I never could have imagined meet this person and that led to this. And that's how I got to this point in my life. You're listening to the Jordan harbinger show with our guest, Hal Elrod. We'll be right back after this. This episode is sponsored in.

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