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I've been friends with coach stone for a long time. It took a while while he was the coach here in the relationship could be awkward. Hey, we did it. But you did not let anything said, get to you, though. Well, I can tell you this, you were good to us. I mean, we needed help. I mean, we were long way from trying to help you guys. Yeah, you did. We had a lot of fun on those radio shows too. Yeah, it wouldn't be right without coming back and celebrating the dogs. I've had the dogs. Number one, man, Hawaii. There are not many I joked earlier. There's not many times that no times have I ever been here where you could say that because the last time they were number one was preseason. Yeah, you know one thing about this whole situation is just the immense pride I have and what Kirby's been able to do here. Facility's recruiting and of course this year, I don't think anybody really knows Paul, how many injuries, I mean, nobody feels sorry for us, but just the case of so many guys stepping up to making a team when some of your stars are out, guys like McCall and Jackson. You know, you know, just guys in the spring, you wouldn't think will even be playing. And that's coaching and curbing giving a credit for that and staff too, but I can tell you this has done really well to this point, but from this point forward, some of these gas start coming back. Now you're going to see a pretty good team that's even better than one they got now. I want to talk to you about that because everyone says by the midpoint of the season coach, the narratives are in cement, and whether they're accurate or not, we all say the same thing. You worked at ESPN, you know what I'm talking about. But George, you got a great defense and then people stumble trying to describe the offense. Former quarterback you were an MVP in the ACC at NC state people don't realize that you could toss the ball. What is going on with this George offense? How would you describe it? You know, I'm really impressed with the white coach Todd muck. And as developed this team because you got to go around who your players are. You know, you look at who you got to play in the games. And you can't get any penny points for saying, hey, we don't have pickins. We don't have Washington. And what he's been able to do is utilize the players that he has and take care of the ball. That's what you always got to do and you got a good defense and good kicking game is having a good sense of direction where you don't turn the ball over and lose it on office. But I think right now we're starting to be a lot more consistent in our past and game and protection is good. And of course, we're playing against the Kentucky team tomorrow that I'm really impressed with. And it's hard for me to give too much sugar to the other team. But I really believe that stoops has done a good job of making everybody on their team, understand how you can win as a team, and they want a lot of close games. And it's scary. I mean, they're good football team and he's used to transport portal and then a good job getting some players in there to add to the ones he had. And this will be a good test for Georgia tomorrow, but I will say this. This is not Kroger feel where they played 5 of their 6 games. They're.

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