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Welcome back nature standing on board. John mcginnis with your NewsRadio K K going to get your phone calls in just a moment here. But I do want to share something with you. We've been talking about this for a while. The details will be rolled out in fairly short order, but I have received. I've lost track of how many inquiries have gotten and and just sentiments that have been shared with regard to the the murders of so many law enforcement officers in this region in recent years and in in very recent period of time. And so there is a plan that we're gonna be involved in next week. We'll roll it out early next week. Explain it, but suffice to say there's going to be an opportunity for you to partake in a an expression of your support and appreciation for law enforcement officers. It'll actually be late next. They let me next Friday. We'll give you all the details early in the week. But it's not it's it's a little bit unconventional. And it's a it's a a an opportunity frankly for people to express. A level of appreciation and respect for people who have are in the law enforcement profession. Those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, and those who are aspiring to be in the law enforcement profession, that's kind of the new the the nuance to this particular idea. So we will be talking about that early next week. And I'm very very very excited to be able to to play a part in this enemy Thomas. Get your calls. We're talking about the concept of those people who seem to know the least about in some cases, the least about a given topic. And I gotta say the internet. I think is probably exacerbated this because it gives people an opportunity to go read articles written by who knows who knows who the who knows who the author is nothing is is checked. No citations to show accuracy. No, no, no studies. No, nothing to to illustrate or support the idea that the data is impure and valid and without that anybody, you know, especially you're looking for something you want. You wanna read something out of it is very very easy to be tempted to reach the conclusion you want. If you go into it wanting to believe axe, and you read the first paragraph, and you find enough there that you can glean to say, Yep. I'm right. And that's I I think we all have that predisposition that temptation that that tendency, but some don't have the yes the discipline to to actually engage in some critical analysis to to see what's being concluded as proper. Have you experienced that this this Pew Research study says yes, it's a real deal? And oftentimes the most vocal the most ardent the most bold, I to speak are the ones with absolutely the least knowledge about the given topic. And I've seen this witnessed it personally where you have somebody who kind of sit back quietly as a something's being debated. And then you find out that the person who's got very little to say when given an opportunity will actually offer something that makes good sense and has defensible conclusions. And oh, yeah. That person that has a graduate degree in the the topic at hand, you can pick any profession, I think professions upon which we all rely, and there are people who have never ever ever begun at academic study into that field that will gladly tell you how wrong persons who have explored it. And studied it in practice at for years, sometimes decades of of research and actual practical application. And is is actually can be kind of gratifying satisfying to see that experience when somebody who has that abundance of knowledge and background and expertise politely shares. And that's usually how it comes out. Let's get your calls nine one six nine to one fifteen thirty eight hundred eight three four fifteen thirty. Let's check in with Casey and elk grove Casey afternoon. Welcome to the conversation. Thank you for holding on, sir. Hey, thanks for taking the call has a fantastic example of a lack of critical thinking information that was input by both sides. Yeah. We have a massive failure of analysis of a problem. Yeah. It was a very simple test of intelligence. I know where you're going. It was called propsect. Absolutely. I cheated the Callscreener told me what you're going to talk about. So. Yeah, I know I agree with you. Absolutely. The simplest thing in the world that that we've ever had on the ballot. Yes. Vote at the lowering of gas prices and registration fees and a no vote now, they're high gas taxes and registration fees can continue absolutely true. Now in that particular case, you did have people who who were seeking who endeavoured to persuade p persuade people to specific conclusion because it was a benefit for them, right? In some cases, they were just being paid to convey, the message others are deeply immersed in the system that needs to rely on that their blades Anita rely on that tax. But just as an aside to that..

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