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Take them Robin Hood in your morning with ABC's. Good Morning America. The latest government cancer. The biggest stories on the south coast philadel- ups and newsroom. Here's Taylor cormier this, these DSM news, the fifty four year old Fall River man accused of a fatal hit and run incident on old Bedford road and Westport earlier this month is turned himself into thorns at the Westport police station fifty four year old Gerardo Lugo of all river is charged with leaving the scene death resulting negligent operation of a motor vehicle driving with a suspended license and trafficking heroin. Excess of one hundred grams after lugos identity was released Monday, he chose yesterday to turn himself over to thirties. He was arraigned in Fall River district court, Lugo suspected of driving the car that struck and killed thirty year old Stephanie trip Fall River on may seven a controversial, and time sensitive, New Bedford charter school Bill inched along on beacon hill yesterday as the house sent the legislation to the education committee for review. The bill's passage is needed to implement a state approved deal between city officials and the elva del mar charter school, which is seeking to open a new camp. This in New Bedford Representative Antonio Cabrera of New Bedford is among the lawmakers who opposed the Bill yesterday. It was Cabrera, however who made the motion that led to the Bill being sent to committee and a statement, could brawl said he made the motion with the support of representatives. Christopher Hendricks and William Strauss, who, also represent parts of New Bedford abroad said ensuring a hearing would make the process open to the public and allow the legislature to make the most informed decision on complex issues of public education. A teacher at Bridgewater Raynham, regional high school is being praised for pulling the fire alarm yesterday morning. The superintendent says the teacher took the action after she heard concerning comments from a student about a gun. The building was evacuated and searched police say there was no credible threat. And a Cape Cod company has proposed building a sonic barrier around the region's beaches to chase away seals in order to prevent shark attacks deep blue LLC presented the idea yesterday at a public meeting. In barnstable? Two men were attacked one fatally by sharks on the Cape last summer. The company envisions a system of under. Underwater audio devices that will emit a sound unpleasant to seals owners Willie plan and check. And Kevin McCarthy say that if the seals leave the area, the great white sharks, eat them will stay away. WB SM sports. The Red Sox renewed. Their rivalry with the Yankees tonight in the Bronx. First pitch at seven ten with pre game on WB SM beginning at six ten mostly cloudy and cooler than average again this afternoon. Temperatures will be topping out in the sixties range this evening. Another round of rain will come through, and there may be if you have your downpours.

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