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Radio station it is thirty seven degrees at nine o'clock good evening I'm Lisa Matteo the New York health department is reporting a second person is being tested for the corona virus officials say the latest patient is a sixty year old who is currently hospitalized at flushing hospital Medical Center and recently but in mainland China displayed fever symptoms and shortness of breath is happening at the CDC is now confirming the ninth case of corona virus in the U. S. the latest infection coming out of Santa Clara county in California health officials say the woman was recently in the area of China where the outbreak has been centralized and came to the US to visit family all president trump's national security adviser Robert o'brien is praising China's transparency on the coronavirus outbreak he says the US has offered a great deal of help with this growing crisis we continue to offer assistance the Chinese we've offered to send over CDC and other US medical and public health professionals and I we have not heard back yet from the Chinese on those offers o'brien's comments come as Americans returning from when China the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak will go under mandatory quarantine starting today entry to the U. S. will also be denied to foreign nationals who recently traveled to China next weekend's New York City lunar new year parade in Chinatown will go on as planned from the city's officials who say coronavirus there's no need for panic health precautions should be undertaken black with every winter like with every flu season but there's really no need to panic and to avoid activities that we always do as new Yorkers we are hardy people that was senator John Lou the San Francisco forty Niners and the Kansas City Chiefs take to the biggest stage in the NFL this evening to decide the outcome of Super Bowl fifty four A..

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