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CBS has Alison keys is in Juneau Alaska. We're environmentalists say climate change is changing the state's natural landmarks and not for the better standing at mendenhall, glacier, park fans of the nation sweeping vistas of ice and wildlife for worrying about the future forest ranger, Katie acres points that nugget waterfalls, which one couldn't even see behind the glacier until the mid nineteen ninety s when things really started to change for losing a football field, a year to this fishing experts are hoping to engage, the public by showing that there are things they can do intruding choosing companies who were doing things to fight climate change before the earth becomes a completely different place. Allison key CBS news, Juneau, Alaska shelf, Carolina woman who police stopped for DUI avoided a ticket, because her vehicle of choice was a power wheels toy truck maximum speed about five miles per hour. Peter King CBS news. Dual five at the bay area's news station. KCBS sunny skies for the first day of summer today. I'm John Evans. Here's what's happening and L sobriety man finds and that he stands firm saying that he will not dismantle a concrete swastika in his driveway, KCBS Doug sovereigns has neighbors rallied last night in hopes of getting him to change his mind when neighbors noticed the swastika shaped pavement Steven Johnson installed in his front yard. They demanded he take it out. He won't. So now the group indivisible is banding together with Elsa. Bronte not in our town, holding a very visible demonstration at San Pablo dam road and happy and way, says, one of the organizers Becky cone, Vargas. Everyone should feel safe walking down the street and living in this community. And I definitely don't want characterized as a community of Neo Nazis and hater last week. Johnson told KCBS's no Nazi. He just came up with what he considers an attractive design for parking, Pat, I just wanted to be able to -partment cards yard. I just thought it was cold department cars on. You know what I mean? I mean, I'm American man. I got my flag right there. You know, I'm proud to be an American, but cone, Vargas. The daughter of holocaust survivor, says, Johnson's should know better. She admits neighborhood pressures their only recourse. Right to do it. But at the same time, I don't know if he gets Johnson is covered the offending area with blankets now. It's neighbors say proves. He knows how much pain he's causing Doug sovereign KCBS, Fremont. Police arrested a fifty five year old man suspected of assault and a crime man said that a transient threw rocks Adam, and his friend who was wearing a Muslim cap. The suspect was ID is John Mada, who lives on the streets of Fremont and police say another person came forward to say the Mata also threw a rock at him of forty-five-year-old, Sacramento, man with a lengthy rap sheet of domestic violence and battery against women is accused of killing a Sacramento police officer Wednesday night. Adele Sobrino Ramos was arrested yesterday morning after an eight hour standoff with police after officer, taro Solan was gunned down as she was trying to help woman and her kids, flee a domestic disturbance, the Sacramento PD is devastated by the death of the rookie cop. She was only twenty six and graduated from the academy last year. KCBS is Holly Quan says it's not just Sacramento's police department that's been devastated by the rookie officers killing domestic violence calls can be some of the most dangerous and volatile. And it's not just police that show up, but often EMT's an ambulance drivers. That's why Twenty-six-year-old EMT Stephanie Harada and Twenty-four-year-old lacy Pilcher broad blue orchids to the Sacramento police headquarters for support. They understand how excited Twenty-six-year-old taro Sullivan must have been six months out of the academy and eager to launch her career, though, says, sometimes people just know, right? Outta high school that they want to wear the police badge. And sometimes. They will do college, and then go into law enforcement sometimes people from the ambulance will move over to law enforcement or they'll go over to fire. So it's kind of just all one big family. And you just kind of move from. Place to place. It's all service. So we're all like a big family in Sacramento, Hawley case coming up on KCBS Carrie Hodousek. No cars, just Cal trans cruise what it's like to be inside an empty call Toco tunnel..

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