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To do in theory now they would be one of the few places that would have the funding to be able to say set up a shop one shop one place where in these states where all of the money flowed into it was kinda like their address of business right so they may be getting odds from the book in las vegas but maybe they have to set something up in that state based on that stage regulations statutes to where they could put something small there's their address and then it would allow them and the people who live in that state to go through them to be able to do their online betting i think it's just going to be bigger than your brick and mortar casinos and i hope people get out of their head and realize that yes there are a part of it but ultimately they're going to become a smaller part of this space then maybe people would have realised now you're still flowing there you're still going to the big properties you're going on vacation how i just took my wife down there for a weekend could sports i might have only seen her for the concert and then at night if you know what i mean so those those bigger places are still going to get their revenue they're still going to make their money they're still going to get their piece but there's gonna be a lot of places for you to be able to do business out there a lot of places so this is going to be something that we're going to be talking about for a while but it was a big step forward this week in our country quickly gained three tonight as much said talked about believing in the celtics and things like that which i do i'm expecting a bounce back performance from the cavs not because a lebron but because when you have the be level players at home they seemed to play better it's going to be close in the fourth quarter it's gonna be tight but i think cleveland now but the celtics i do believe when this series in six and then go from there good job stu billy james everybody back at.

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