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Of bank Learn more at truest dot com slash care Truest bank member FDIC Four 28 time for some traffic and weather and we start with Dave Yeah the volume delays aside it's a fairly tame afternoon the highways just accepting the congestion because it's usually worse In northeast D.C. South Dakota avenue between 12th street and Emerson street That's blocked a crash brought down a wire around the same time that one happened Another crash on eastern avenue in vision avenue took out a traffic signal and traffic is still stopped at a couple directions at that intersection By now most of us are used to the D.C. two 95 work area above Pennsylvania avenue traffic shifted to the right in a column of twos We've got day long delays all week long because of the short merge areas and constriction there as the Jersey wall blocks the left side of two 95 both ways In Virginia Delos airport aviation drive was blocked between the dullest airport access road and I think it's called autopilot drive autopilot drive Yeah And that's near the Marriott hotel And caller said that was a crash blocking aviation drive near the Marriott in the cell phone waiting right but does not affect traffic heading to arrivals or departures So no worries there on the airport access highway On the other area highways 66 three 95 95 again nothing to write home about just the usual recurring afternoon congestion 6 O 5 is open down warrenton east of 29 traffic is getting by where a truck earlier hit a poll Hauser dot com is a next generation real estate agency for the next generation of homeowners Flat fee listing salaried Asians cash offers the new way to buy and sell homes learn more at Hauser dot com Dave dildine WTO traffic All right let's go to storm team four and Amelia Draper We'll have some scattered showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms out there through the early evening hours with temperatures in the 60s and 70s We'll.

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