North Korea, United States, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Have not telling the truth gye it's also on this the other point and it's not just the fact that it's a lie that his share his shaky relationship with the truth it's going so unprepared to meeting with a head of state and it's you know in terraces one subject but let's other four policy issues with north korea looming is another two to have to be the one to be the united states to misrepresent yourself and to be to be just wing it meeting the head of state that's also really unimaginable that he actually read the briefing book it's magical he goes into these meetings really knowing what he's talking about stuff like this but this is a guy who doesn't sign contracts about victim the top two stories so far that we've mentioned today donald trump in the republican party lying about connor lamb saying that he's actually republican when he is pro choice he opposes a ban on abortion after twenty weeks which i just about every conservative i know supports that he opposed the trump tax cuts he opposed the gutting of obamacare you name it connor lamb that means is a down the middle democrat they lied about that and now we have this meeting with the canadian prime minister right who has this strange pretty and now we go to a third story in a row once again the president of the people around him or lying and it religion crystallized people as we watch this unfold that he does not tell the truth here's the latest in a scandal involving porn star stormy daniels we've learned that a jill a martin atop lawyer for the trump organization signed legal papers three weeks ago that were intended to keep the former porn star whose real name is stephanie clifford quiet about alleged affair with donald trump the white house denies the allegations but according to clifford's lawyer it's another piece of evidence that proves trump knew about the nondisclosure agreement and the one hundred thirty thousand dollar hush money payment from trump's lawyer micro michael cohen the trump organization released a statement to nbc news saying.

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