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Strain of the corona virus scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory made the identification the strain appears to have become the dominant strain worldwide and has been present since a March it also appears to be more contagious than the versions that spread in the early days of the covert nineteen pandemic researchers say it appeared first in Europe and then migrated quickly to the U. S. east coast in addition to spreading faster it may make people vulnerable to a second infection after first bout with the disease according to new research being published today new models are predicting that national death toll from covered nineteen will rise sharply in the next few weeks a projection by the trump administration forecasts up to three thousand deaths per day by June first and university of Washington research teachers now project one hundred thirty four thousand U. S. deaths by August almost double the previous estimate from last week many health officials are concerned about a spike in cases S. thirty one states will ease business closures and stay at home orders former vice president Joe Biden says covert nineteen testing will be the Lynch pin to re opening the American economy testing record results treatment and only access to a vaccine for covert nineteen should be available to everyone and I mean everyone free of cost speaking at a virtual town hall yesterday the presumptive democratic presidential nominee said essential workers deserve easy access and rapid result testing for covert nineteen he also said the federal government should enforce rigorous employment standards to make sure front line workers get the testing they need as well as paid sick leave mir Lightfoot says Chicago is now past the grim market one thousand deaths from covert nineteen but she says the city has been able to bend the corona virus curve because people have been abiding by the stay at home order as for re opening the city I don't see a world in which we simply flip the light switch and say whatever you were doing in February go back to that now that's not gonna happen but we do have to make sure that we are we have a robust infrastructure in place to help support our people all across the city like this is the city will be laying out a plan for businesses soon for the fourth time Chicago chefs have swept the nominations for best chef in the James beard awards the six nominees up for best chef Great Lakes region honors our gene Kato of Momotaro Jason Hammel of Lula cafe Orioles Noah Sandoval a John shields and Karen Marie shields from a Smith plus Eric Williams from virtue and Bocas Lee Wallin the awards were supposed to be handed out last night but that award ceremony was cancelled due to the pandemic the winner will be announced September twenty fifth during an online ceremony no it's got nothing to WGN sports with Dave Benett well baseball made a comeback today in Korea the Korean baseball organization began its season and empty ballparks with pictures of fans placed in the stands base coaches not pyres were required to wear masks and no high fives could be a preview of what we'll be seeing if baseball resumes in the United States fives err fives that's what they were I guess that that that that'll work with we're just going to get used to it yeah I mean we're gonna have to get used to a lot of things I think of the list of priorities that's one that I think we can all be aware I know but when you watch people on TV shows or whatever now hugging and shaking hands with a TV show opens up on one of the talk shows and the host comes out and they give everybody in the stands a high five and they're all you know how to get in touch in a dance and it just looks so natural a month ago and now it looks like your start up what would you have you probably know people who you you would stick out your hand and they will give you the fist bump instead I know I was never a fist bump or Dave but now I think if I lease that well that would be probably too extreme probably want to go with the the elbow Bob for the Bowers we were talking about this morning the one that I think I'm going to try and kickoff is the foot top if you know I do I'll touch my right foot to your right tell we're just gonna kick each other's foot I have a little bursitis in my right toe so not sure I want that let's go back to sports already in progress the NFL has moved its five scheduled international games back to the U. S. and of the release of the schedule Thursday night football world paying tribute to don Shula the hall of fame coach of the colts and dolphins coach for thirty three seasons C. died yesterday at the age of ninety TV ratings for the latest episodes of the last dance down a bit for the.

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