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Heart radio at Fox 31 pinpoint whether 98 the high Today 97 Tomorrow already 81 degrees another Ozone action day with smoky haze in the air. Today we'll have more on the fires in just a moment. Some of the state's largest school districts are back in school that includes Denver and Aurora School District's Denver School superintendent Susanna Cordova says Right now it's all about keeping everyone safe. We all want to have our kids back in school. And right now overall, I think the thing that everybody is most concerned about is how we Keep our focus on both supporting kids, academic and social development. But keeping everybody healthy, she said. Taking the extra week to open has helped seed out reopened. I 70 through Glenwood Canyon this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks, glad to have it open. But if you need to travel through Glenwood Canyon police plan ahead, please be prepared toe. Move slowly but safely through the area. We want to keep this back open for folks knowing that it's a vital lifeline for many, that seed outsmart Anzio, the Grizzly Creek fires burned more than 30,000 acres. It's 31% contained. The Pine Gulch fires still the largest in the state, but it's at 44% containment. The governor declared a state of emergency to make resource is available to fight that place. It's burned over 130,000 acres. Williams Fort Fire is moving away from Fraser. It's had 4% containment. As many as 13 arrests are being reported from a weekend protests against the Denver Police Department. It broke out Saturday night, resulting in fires being set and Windows being broken out of police headquarters near Hancock said it wasn't a protest but a riot. Today In Washington House Democrats are putting the heat on Postmaster General Lewis to joy in all of our district's. We're hearing from constituents about significant delays and the delivery of mail. Medicines, food and other supplies. New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney opened the hearing incited ongoing widespread delays and mail service across the U. S Republican James Comber accuse Democrats of fabricating a baseless conspiracy theory. Joyce says he does not plan to replace Removed postal box is Vice President Mike Pence, is officially being nominated for a second term. Former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker made the nomination today in Charlotte. Publican National convention is officially underway. Rocky's now dropped seven straight manager. But Black says they need to get back on track quickly against Arizona Tonight, you need a well pitched game We need to finally hitting and then we'll be on our way. Our coverage of tonight's game starts at seven. Nuggets are game away from being pop from the bubble in Orlando after yesterday's two point loss, ABS hope to bounce back against Dallas tonight at 7 45. Our next news update is at 10 30. I'm Chuck Clark on Kono Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. It's your chance to win $1000.

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