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When they agree they say, oh, hey, here's what we think, here's what we think somebody write it up, and then they can release the opinion not very long after they. Argue it the with the more contentious cases I think there's a back and forth process behind closed doors. You know, someone will write a opinion and someone will write a dissent, and it will circle circulate around among the justices, and they'll just say, why could sign onto this, but I would have to need some, you know, some phrase about that. And you could see that in a case about uranium mining in Virginia that has it was argued in November than they finally got around to ensuring decision and you know, there was there was three different camps three justices in each camp. And, and they were, you know, put notes they're kind of citing each other. So the most contentious ones kind of get circulated around back there and then they come out just like you. And I when there's a deadline they say, well, we gotta just push the button. And so then they go. And that's the end of June speak with Todd Ruger Legal Affairs. Steph writer at roll. Call these pieces idled supreme court decisions could affect makeup of congress for years. On another issue to you said during the same period. Justices will announce which additional cases, it will hear next term. And those are likely to be what debated during the presidential campaign, for example. Yes. Exactly. So, so they've got a bunch of requests that come in, during the during this current term for everybody that wants to the justices to hear their case, and there's some really big ones hanging out there right now. One of them was the, the re going back into the issue of whether a company with that has religious objections can be forced to bake a cake for same sex wedding. There was a case out of Oregon. They just said, you know what Oregon, you guys need to figure that out again. And look at it again. So they sort of punted on that avoided that contentious issue. But there's another one on the DACA the deferred action for children that came here. As illegally as children. They didn't act on that. So they could decide to take that. And if they take it and any of the other cases, they take now in this next two week period when they make these decisions they would go on the calendar for next term which starts in October and again, ends in June. So if there's a big contentious case, you know, there are other cases out there working up like some of these state laws on abortion, there's a challenge to the Affordable Care Act. That's, that's went through Texas and his currently at the fifth circuit. And so there's big contentious issues that, that could find its way into the docket next year. And then those big decisions would happen in June twenty twenty which, of course, is only like five months before voters, go to the polls to pick not only the president, but their, their representatives in congress. Get the sense that more than ever supreme court related issues will be campaign trail topics or not necessarily. You know last year or last the last presidential election, Donald Trump made it more so of an issue than it usually, a lot of people have always said that the supreme court is important for politicians. But when it comes right down to it, it's, it's always like a third or fourth tier issue, people have these bigger concerns, economic concerns, you know, healthcare concerns, but when Donald Trump did it for years ago won the election, he had put out a list of here's the supreme court justices I would appoint the second amendments at stake, Roe v. Wade is at stake. So I expected that sort of focus to be in the presidential election now. And every time this premium court makes a decision now because Trump won and he got to put two justices on the court and replace, what was the swing Justice, Anthony Kennedy who sometimes voted with the liberal on some contentious social issues. So now it's more solidly conservative court. And every time the court, does something, the democratic call Titians. We'll certainly bring up like, hey, this is something that's definitely at stake in this next presidential election, who gets to pick supreme court justices. Nice todd. Todd Ruger Legal Affairs staff writer for roll-call fifteen minutes.

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