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Tickets at momma dot org the next brian lehrer show is all about your calls what do you think if a member of the trump administration objects to the president's views our actions should they quick to call attention to the issue or stay in case there is a crisis and former white nationalist derek black said that going to college opened his eyes to the whitesupremicist fuse he he got from his parents however your eyes open in college call in this morning at ten on wnyc 66 degrees going up to a sunny 83 at nine twenty you're listening to the bbc world service this is news hour coming to live from london with james kamar saw me with north korea and the united states continuing their war of words amid the escalating tensions on the peninsula onecountry country is remaining as ever tightlipped china is a often portrayed as the key to resolving the crisis now as leverage does it really have while of this episode of our regular china desk we thought it was time to oscar reported john sutcliffe with to shed a bit of light on chinese north korean relations and john joins us now live from beijing jumped thank you jamie throughout a chance past few weeks as donald trump and kim jongin trade threats beijing has when it has been saying anything been repeating its wellworn mantra calls for calm and a return to dialogue and it has in the past few hours been at it again playing the grown up in the room he is the chinese foreign office spokeswoman are chunying antiinfiltration out with the current tense situation on a quick you said there is not a screen or a video game case rail and isn't in may and a serious issue that directly involves the safety of people from both the north and south of the peninsula as well as peace and stability of the entire reaching we hope all parties can truly take have responsible attitude with regard to the people in their countries and the region and make rational and a wise choices washington's view has long been that china north korea's biggest trading partner could do more but doesn't want to partly because the bombs run so deep and can be traced back to the chinese intervention on north korea's side in the korean war by the way in la may the shared loss of life is brought into stark relief by the.

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