Donald Trump, House Intelligence Committee, Michael Flynn discussed on Dick Kay - Back On the Beat


And and the most sensitive one of course is is the the mueller investigation into donald trump and and they would they would they would like to shut that down i mean there tells me that they're very much afraid i that that the house intelligence committee is a disgrace at least the republican faction of the house intelligence committee the house intelligence committee closed its investigation into possible collusion or interference by the russians and the trump campaign and the the twenty sixteen elections the house intelligence committee controlled by republicans and trump is out there bragging about it saying he feels very vindicated he he knew all along that there was no collusion and now he's been proven right because of the house intelligence committee and their report well that that's the republicans who issued that report they had the votes to shut down the investigation and they shut it down and the democrat said wait a minute this is a sham this is misleading this report on by no means when the our investigation by no means vindicated anybody you had key witnesses that you didn't even bother to interview i mean papadopoulos for one thing they never interviewed popadopoulos he's the guy that started this thing by talking about russians contacting him for saying that they wanted to they had some dirt and they didn't interview him and they didn't interview michael flynn and the democrats are saying what a shame what a sham you didn't even bother and you and now you release a report that that i mean you had you had the chairman of the house intelligence committee making a midnight run over to the white house remember that and meeting with trump and coming back and saying you had secret information and now they've closed the investigation the house intelligence committee and said we didn't find anything i wish we had congressman quigley here i'd love to hear his version he's a democrat from chicago and he's on the house intelligence committee and that the democrats have issued their own report and they have just slammed this action by that by the committee by the committee leaders it's just it's a sham it's phony and here they are releasing this this is this is the house now and at the same time the senate intelligence committee or investigating committee they're still going and they're doing it in a bipartisan way they're still going oh but the house members.

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