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I really don't I don't know if this function is worse than what it was with when Matt Harvey was there yeah now it's true yeah. How is that possible? You're right <hes> they don't even know where to turn and add to it all this bobby Baena thing now the wilpon will claim this is a great deal this is they've saved so much money paying eight percent but just that we got our annual reminder last week or a couple of weeks ago that Bobby I'll be Baena is still on the payroll. I don't think it's a great deal because they're not factoring the factoring into the bad publicity surrounding this Baena contracts there's articles written every every year about it and I it becomes a punchline to the organization and the organizations the target I know what would you have signed the Baena deal if you could have I guess so. I don't know if you've seen bobby always eaten at all but <hes> yeah I don't know here's the thing like it's gotten to the point. Now I think the Wilpon to make money off the deal so in any you don't really realize that there's probably a hundred different deferred money contracts out there that people don't know about but the mets are the ones that always get made fun of because it's Bobby Layman and and then you go look and I even tweeted it out like happy by today's the day you realize that he's making five hundred thousand dollars more repeat Alonzo <hes> yeah and and like it's the laughing stock all the time and then July fourth hits and the ball team since the whole baseball field on fire so I mean it's just like it's one thing after one thing Tony Byrne took his shirt off at one time when I was there and tried to fight Aa team when you can keep going on all the stuff that had happened <hes> under the Medicare and that was under one minute. I was demand general manager so we'll find daily are Mnaya back that I mean like so like where do you WanNa go. Do you just WanNa be eighty one and eighty one every year because that's basically what you tell the mets fan every year besides when I was there and I'm sixty seven and south that fell because Oh six seven gave it a right and Jose Reyes were kids that were home grown and if known for their lap when the Marlins didn't get the stadium myself Delgado the marlins picked up all of our contracts they went out assigned one guy. They signed Carlos Beltran. If people remember Delgado turn down the mets to sign for the Marlins he didn't WanNA come to New York right so like when people always say oh they spent them at data spend the money on the six minutes. It just happened to fall right place. Wait look at our starting pitching staff. He trachsel John McCain over Peres till huge you want me to keep going in and spend any money. It just went on their lap that we had the best starting nine. Maybe hitting nine in the last okay years old compared to that lineup January I've ever that was fun except for how it all ended when Beltran just left the the bad on his shoulders and didn't swing Yeah No. You're right going into that that was that was a fun lineup in a fun team Adam before we get off the All star thing you played in four games by the fourth appearance such a grueling schedule you get a day off every two weeks by the fourth appearance where you're looking to skip the game. We like hell. Let me stay home and laying atop in watching watching on T._v.. Or was it just as much the real <hes> it's it's a throw the fourth one I got the start which is cool. I didn't start the first three and then when I was mad I got voted in and started and now it was fun. <hes> a lot of the older guys like <hes> in Bonn and those guys have been like twelve or thirteen day would leave the fifteen. That's why I always had an issue with like wow this deciding. <hes> home field advantage at one time and guys. We're leaving in the fifth inning. I'm like Hey <hes> I want very blonde Lonzo in the ninth inning man <hes> so yeah that used to bother me a tiny bit but I always you soak it in.

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