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Powered by maximus. Moving people and technology forward here's rob woodfork. All right, the Washington commanders had their second practice since the preseason opener and this one could be described as a bit chippy in points. So the point that Ron Rivera spent a while chewing the players out afterward. Now, one thing he's happy about, the progress of Curtis Samuel as he works his way back from an injury riddled 2021. Very much so, one of the things that we talked about was just how much more. Again, like I said, there is a plan and very fluid plan. It's almost adaptable as he starts to get the calisthenics he needs to practicing every day. We increase a little bit more a little bit more each day. These last two days have been a delight because we've been able to put some things in for him specifically. And we'll see how he is when he comes in tomorrow morning. Rivera added he was encouraged that Samuel was chomping at the bit to do more today, George Wallace right now in Ashburn, you'll have more throughout the day. Washington one more roster move to make to pair the roster down to 85 by today's 4 p.m. deadline, the most notable move so far. Samus Reyes headed to season ending injured reserve. The national Saint Patrick Corbin of the mound for tonight 7 O 5 first pitch against the cubs, the lefty starter, had his last scheduled start skip so he'd have a chance to shake off whatever's had him lose his last 6 starts. In fact, Corbin's four and 16 record is the worst in the majors, as is his 86 runs allowed on 600 161 hits and -2.5 wins above replacement, not ideal. Rob woodfork WTO sports

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