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Push president bush president. Yeah they were so. There's a new tradition. We didn't. I didn't actually i had heard of it. He had it. You need to have a gift ready. It's usually in the form of a ring. what yeah. It's usually a band so as usual. I'll tell you why so on ring back. So they would they would say google. It is the wedding ring is supposed to represent you and then you like the new tradition. It's like more of a millennial thing is like you get another band to represent the baby but it's it's because she pushes the baby out the push present on that all brand new news to me in a i. I guess better start thinking about it. Do you consider the vacation. You just went on the baby. Yes that's nice nice. Well we never got to go on our honeymoon planned for last april and a pc everything. Shut down stay kind of both honey. Yeah as awesome. A couple of friends of ours have a house. There's we saw them so it was kind of like just things wrapped into one So we got out of the way but push present bush grows. We're the same way. Okay hard hitting question. This is the last one. Okay this what we end every podcast with both of you individually. What is the best piece of advice you have been given or would give to anybody out. There about relationships.

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