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To change a lot. Remember like this time last year match seven Granada was like sitting on top of the table. This year just so has to be Real Sociedad. So a lot can happen. I. Don't know WHO's I. Don't know who's going to win the league. Who knows what's going to happen between now and even Christmas? You know this thing completely be shaken up. I don't know we'll see. We'll see that's all you can say. All right moving on to England in the Premier League. On Friday. We had Aston Villa. Zero. I should say Bamford three because he scored all three goals for Leeds United but Leeann is looking pretty good. I mean you know scored three goals even though you know Bamford, had the hat trick on the road in the premier league is still pretty impressive. So leads been doing doing really well, you know. It's team I'm following. Up Only because I watched. That Amazon. DOCU series about. Them. And you know they're doing, they're doing pretty good. They're holding their own so. We had West Ham and Man City played with one draw. Fulham Won Crystal Palace to Man United and Chelsea played. Two zero zero draw. Liverpool to. Sheffield United One. Yesterday. We had Southampton to Everton Zero. wolves in Newcastle United played a one one draw. The My beloved Arsenal Zero Leicester City one Jimmy Bharti came on scored that goal. Yeah, it was it was pretty upsetting. I..

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