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Eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom they don't have the votes yet subject callahan fox news would tax reform bill which seemed to be headed for passage in the senate has hit a snag gop leadership working late into the night rewriting parts of the bill after realizing they didn't have enough votes to pass it mark short who is the white house legislative affairs direcor came to the capitol he had a short meeting and the office of the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell what they're trying to do right now is actually put in tax increases on i ashor is it this a fundamental change in what you're doing he said no we're still going to be delivering big tax relief for people fox's jared per groom reports those small tax increases would be hikes of the business tax rates several years into the plan gop leadership hopes to finish the changes sometime later today president trump among the people upset by the verdict indicates timely murder her trial tweeting it's disgraceful jose in as garcia's urata was found not guilty of first degree murder or second degree murder or involuntary manslaughter they did find him guilty of possessing a firearm fox's jessica rosenthal hates death became a focal point of then candidate trump as a case for why the country needs tougher border enforcement rules chrissy is rhonda had been deported five times before and immigration had been trying to deport him again immigrations and customs enforcement though is scored garcia's arasa advocates of mexico north korea appears to be making plans for another missile launch satellite images obtained exclusively by fox news.

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