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I'll make Yemen every carbohydrate every cookie enjoy because you don't think about it. And I'm counting it, and I've got the charts to prove it. Yeah. I have another allergy and people like, oh, you can't have almonds, and I was like absolutely not. I can't have any of that. Yeah. Exactly. So do is is the answer to empathy and designed to expose as many people as possible to as many other people. I think that's part of it. And I think another part of it is being woke. And when I say woke I don't mean it in the sense that the news what's out there. What people say, but might finish in. It's not mind. But I found it somewhere is that you need to watch observe question and explorer, well and damning. Yeah. What the cue woke with a Q? So that means, you know, not only watching things outside of you. But watching yourself how were you reacting to others? What are you? You know, what are you doing with others? Like, would you question? The things that you do. And then looking at the outside world and going why doesn't this thing work for me? Why doesn't this product work from what is wrong with this damn form? Why can't I fill it out? You know that kind of stuff in especially from a design perspective. Designer solve problems right in the world. In in the way, you do that is not by being stuck in looking at your phone whole time by looking out in the world and seeing what can be made better. I was going through a door. And my wife always goes and pushes on the door near the hinge side in. And she said what's wrong with me? Why do I keep doing that? I'm like it's got nothing to do with. You beat yourself up that door has a design problem because you can't tell by looking at the push bar which side the hinges on. Yeah. We've all had that experience with the door. That's a classic example usability, right? Can you handles on the outside you pull it? But you don't know. I mean, it's it's always we've all had a cheap blame herself. Because we re always blame ourselves for bad design. It's not it's not us. It's it's really thinking about who that they think if you put a handle on something for me, I wanna pull it. But I don't know. Really? Yeah. But You know? you know, again, my first reaction is like what's wrong with. I mean, I'm looking at a door right now, it has a handle on both sides, and I would need to pull it in order to open it. I don't know. Everybody's different though. I might be backwards. I don't know or left handed or right handed or you know, whatever the opposite is when I was doing online banking many many years ago we needed to make our site five. Oh, eight compliant or section five compliant, which everyone thought just meant putting all tags on pictures, but really it meant making it. So the blind could Bank, right? And they had us install jaws, which was, you know, popular screenwriter at the time, and we had to turn off our monitor's and like work for a day..

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