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That's exactly right yeah there's players that's exactly right well hey hey said where do you think where do you think some of this you should be able to transfer is coming from in the sense that let's take to conclusion your power five football program and your traditionally atop ten football program and now you have a choice do i recruit a high school kid who's got to sit out a year redshirt him and then hope he's a good player sophomore year though sometimes they play freshman heck those two kids from alabama that won the game holy jesus so so would you rather do that or would you go let's say to you and they got a pro donald brown or we've got you know a will beatty you know guys at end up starting in the nfl and playing on super bowl teams so now that guy just finished his freshman or sophomore year and now you recruit that kit and now that kit comes into and for you right away now you're getting a college proven football player instead of a high school kid so i think there's a lot of sentiment and those schools that they want to be able to use the non power five schools as they're as they're minor leagues as their farm system that that's an interesting point but of course you know that that cuts both ways right so you know a big reason why so few of the men's college basketball teams have any beds you got you got teams that are playing six seven guys right.

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