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Nordstroem's less field westfield mari good enough sleigh it's good knowledge yes i know i'm all mall yeah i'd say westfield i'm i'm sandstone ridge out and pleasanton scrubbing maybe some people say stanford malls probably kenna highfalutin at it but i want to say this without being a total expert audit but i think is this stanford mall has at its day a just leave it at that it's rewrite the official correct ari well if if stanford's malls had its day what the hell stoned valley but i mean they're not as eddings way out dea exactly says you know sometimes these models come and go serra monte were sarah monte and your mall uh it's okay if you the mall of milk pita's at night of never been out there that member when that first yet had altamonte i've that was going to be the italy i can't he are what is a dominant all appear in the bay at guys yeah anyway they're not to answer your question about the super bowl thing is a tendency legs uh this stuff they don't say anything as all right you know what else was there a monday night no way your game no charki so ear i watched a little bit of it you know pretty good little debate on the pti yesterday about the super bowl who has this is a pretty good one actually who has more pressure on them in this game tom brady or nick false and you know and ours feeling pressure i think bray is has played in so many of going for number six yet no i know any end the pressures on to break away from charles aliens in this his agent of algeria believe if you've gone through this thing so many times the the eighth dive he get but the argument hall may be a may be an overstatement but he he knows the drill where this is folks first time in the limelight i would say folks false falls i mean holes yet but falls nobody's expecting false to win right abri you know i i was looking at.

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