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On the Saturday of the shooting crime. Reporter Jim to Paolo was listening to police scanners in the Palm Beach county newsroom of the south Florida sun sentinel. Police radio wasn't yet being streamed over the internet. So Jim sat in front of a Bank of scanners at crackled with sirens and dispatchers in nineteen ninety. It was the quickest way to hear about breaking news. Late in the morning. He caught a dispatch through one of the scanners. There's been a shooting in Wellington. It might have been a routine call in any of the big cities along Florida's southeast coast. But Wellington not there. Jim rushed to his car and drove to aero club. At the time. If I all we news that somebody was shot in Wellington, which was a very of this area that they were in was in a very affluent area of Wellington, which was a newer city. Right and very small sleepy town that was unusual self right? But then when we got out there, we found out that it was somebody dressed up in a clown suit. And they shot the person and then just casually walk back to their car and drove away in a white Chrysler lebaron with no license plate still wearing the cloud suit. The media jumped on the terrifying story that became national news who was the killer clown, and why did it murderer a seemingly innocent housewife in cold blood? Police had a trail to follow almost immediately within two hours of the bullet hitting Marlene. Warren's face a call came into police that would focus the investigation close to home. An anonymous female caller said you might want to ask Michael Warren and Sheila a few questions, then she hung up. So you were really right away focusing on the husband almost immediately Michael Warren as a potential suspect. The tip certainly made sense. Everyone had seen the way that Michael and Sheila were carrying on. But were they killers with this case really be so simple to crack? It would not. Lean Warren's murder led to an extraordinary and baffling murder investigation. Police spent nearly three decades searching for the clown who showed up at her door with balloons and a pistol. Meanwhile, eight hundred miles away in a little tourist town called Abington in the Blue Ridge mountains of Jinnah. Folks had no idea that the ruthless killer. Clown could be living among them. That's next week on the conclusion of the killer. Clown of Wellington. Thanks for listening to this episode of Loni is Florida. If you're enjoying the podcast, please rate us on apple podcasts until your friends about our show. Bailable online at felonious, Florida dot com. Apple podcasts dot com or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can go online to see photographs video and read more about the cases where featuring at felonious sport dot com. And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Florida is produced by the Southport a sunset. No, I'm wondering peculiar clown. Wellington was reported at written by Tanya and Mark Freeman with additional reporting by brianna Eriksen in Las Vegas on your host and sound signer. Kate Austen producers, David shoots and one or tak- editing by Randy Guskey sound direction by Sean fits with additional recordings by Carleen Jean Beth Bennett. The felonious Florida team includes Lisa Arthur, Dana banker your own Danny Sanchez and Kelly fried. Hi, this is Tanya Elena's local journalism matters. Support us by joining the Sun-Sentinel south Florida's leading source for news information, and entertainment. Visit Sun-Sentinel dot com slash join.

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