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Debate. I think that's actually pretty good word for it. You had Democrats trying to elevate the conversation here a little little bit. Make this about the constitution historical moment something. They didn't want to do but felt they had to. There are a lot of biographical speeches from some of these members. He's trying to describe how they got to this point where they're ready to impeach a sitting president and the Republican strategy was interesting to assign from a couple of members. What you heard by enlarge large was not a debate about this specific facts in Ukraine case but rather than trying to make a case that this was inevitable the minute the Democrats regained control of the House after the two thousand eighteen midterms that Democrats? They said we're trying to keep a promise to their base. Made starting back in late twenty. Sixteen that they would impeach this as president but this was not a lot of the procedural hijinks. This was not as nasty as what we will probably see tomorrow when they resume the markup and get into this four this process of exchanging amendments on a set of documents that let's be clear will not be amended. They will come out of this committee the same way they went in But we're GONNA see a whole lot of I think much more bitter fighting about the wording of these documents Republican efforts to to to change them before the die is cast and the votes are taken taking tomorrow afternoon sometime. That's one point. I wanted to make for any of the kids majoring in government. Who might be watching tonight? I'm not proud of the fact that I have been to markups before and I remember them as marking up documents submitting wording having it accepted or rejected tonight was was kind of preambles. So you're saying tomorrow. Are we actually get down to wording and maybe amending the nine pages that we've seen so far. Yeah that's the idea. Because this is such a momentous Sir resolution really only about nine pages but so important. They stretch this process out over two days. They justed member opening statements tonight. The real. You'll work happens tomorrow with the mark but again this is not a you know a spending bill or an authorization bill that you'll have tons of small amendments that might get accepted opted or changed or language tweaked. This is something that was painstakingly put together by committee chair people and by the Democratic leadership by the speaker and sort of locked Kim before it ever made its way back to the Judiciary Committee the amendments that will be offered we'll becoming from Republicans. Some of them might be Germane to impeachment. Some of them might not not have anything to do with impeachment all on purely designed to slow down the process tomorrow. Democrats want their document to get through. They've got the votes it will but this there's one last opportunity for Republicans to gum up the works here a little bit and when you're in the minority In the house. That's really all you can do is slow something like this down and Garrett as we mentioned tomorrow night a lot of them are heading out to Andrews to get on government planes to fly to Europe to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the battle of the bulge for any of our viewers wondering why the calendar has been compressed into a Thursday markup session Garrett Hake get some rest thanks very much for hanging out with us so late at night after the long day you've had Garrett Hey covering Capitol Hill for us another break.

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