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Was a hannity that they the lot of them have died often gone away but i think they're still a couple of mount there but i will tell you growing up in chicago it used to be if there was the mayor of chicago who didn't have the name daily it's because something was wrong sounding it happen we had mayor richard daley during my the entire childhood growing up and i remember the day mayor daley died it looks like the day elvis died the way the city stopped and then there was a a brief period where we didn't have a daily we had mayor washington the first black mayor of chicago we had mayor jane burn who hung out for a while and then we had mayor bland dick who was in there and we ended up with yet another daily the son of the original mayor and his only job it seemed was to try and stay longer than his dad was in office and he managed to do it he actually managed to do it so for i think it was they were each over twenty the five years in office and you want to thank you got a little bit of control you've got a little bit of royalty in your in your step when you walk in and with us who's out that's mayor oh that must be a person named daily now isn't it now thankfully the city of chicago has not gone on and carried on with a child of the last daly who just passed away of less than ten years ago but what did they do they brought in another career politician rahm emanuel cheese i never thought about the whole thing about our the country you've got the call those ready to get those but in dc mike you've got a orrin hatch yeah you've got chuck schumer's oh great point this is on mccain all sides of the aisle right exactly republicans democrats and if.

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