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You offer. I didn't additional short courses or field trips or all these kinds of things. I think it's going to be a year effort so we've talked a bit about the headline science faction rates. But what's really fascinating to me is a split between the different student experiences. The students who do not feel their academic experience has been a good quality of overall do tend to be those that have had an all online experience or have moved to an online experience. Now there's lots of ed tech people around social media that will tell you that the events of this year means students will be expecting more online and blended provision in the future to me. It doesn't look as much like that. I think we're looking towards the backlash by earlier. This week we worked with a collection of student unions to do a serious piece of work in to freedom of speech at on campus and roller students unions after lots of criticism over the last months and years natalie. What jumped out at you here. Well this freedom of speech issue i think is the issue that seems to never go away as well. We were all settling into lockdown. Three point oh we had. David davis introducing his private member's bill and he was saying that freedom of speech was under threatened universities and calling for us to be liable for fines if we didn't comply with acid of duty to promote free speech and we had michael barber also giving his sort of houses of wisdom speech again calling saying you universities guilty of group thing..

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