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Show Email address DP Dan, Patrick dot com. Spend some time. Well, we've talked about a variety of things just had Ryan Fitzpatrick on and I, our, we talked a little bit about Josh Gordon going to the New England, Patriots also vantera Davis quitting at halftime. So we'll revisit those topics coming up von Miller, joining us today on behalf of new old spice fomer the foaming body wash that ladders into flesh just like von, he's partnering with old spice the foams zone obstacle course game. And you can see that on old spice YouTube twitch and Facebook live today from five until eleven o'clock. Eastern actually sent us a goody bag here and an autographed picture of von Miller. Von good morning. Thanks for the goodie bag there. Good morning. How are they should go think I'm doing pretty good taking one day at a toe. How anything heard today. No, I'm feeling pretty good. You don't have to win, you know, all the little mix and bruises they, they don't feel as been. Did you watch Monday night football there? What do you look for. Oh, I just I just didn't. They. I'm a fan of the game. I just like to watch, you know, great games and of Russell Wilson. Everybody knows about Khalil. You know, it was a great game. That's that's what I'm looking for. Do you measure yourself against Khalil Mack. No, no, really. I feel like I feel like we're two totally different players, but when you look at it, he's he's one of probably like three or four dominant players in the league. So at the end of the day, they all, you know, Camo comparison together. So you either you do, you don't you, but the fans are going to do it. How surprised were you that Oakland traded him? I was. I was surprised, you know, guys, like, you know, and Donald j. j. watt, Khalil Mack guys like that. It just untradable you know, in my opinion, you know the raiders did. Raiders when hit and do something. Yeah, the raiders. I'm sure the case keenum appreciates the raiders trading him as well. I noticed that you got eighty seven and a half sacks in your career. This is your eight season. Is there a hall of fame number for Saks do know that if you get to a certain number that that means it because you're going to be a hall of Famer Super Bowl MVP, but is there a number. It's not. It's not really a number for me..

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