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Day two and a half years in the making arrests made in the pike county murderers net, four members of the Wagner. Family arrested include George Billy, Wagner, the third and his wife Angela as well as their two children, George Wagner, the fourth and Edward Jake Wagner both in their twenties. They're charged with planning and carrying out the murders of the eight members of the road and family in two thousand sixteen we believe. Conspired together to develop an elaborate plan to kill the eight victims under cover of darkness and then carefully cover up their tracks. Ohio attorney general Mike dewine said the two other people have also been arrested for obstructing the investigation. Angela's mother Rita nukem and Billy's mother Fredrika Wagner. Allison williams. Newsradio six ten WTVN. Wind indicates his office will pursue the death penalty against the Wagner's that are charged with murder nationwide. Insurance confirm will be eliminating around eleven hundred jobs next year, including some three hundred fifty in central Ohio company said it's making targeted changes to its marketing PNC operations Bank organizations in IT department nationwide. Currently employs nearly thirty four thousand employees and said the workforce reductions expected to happen in the first quarter of next year. Thousands of firefighters now streaming into California to help fight those wildfires that had been burning for days. It's a joint effort here to put out the flames firefighters are working alongside prison inmates who wear orange. Fire. Uniforms and do hard labor digging fire line and to everyone working here. Governor Jerry Brown says thank you. I was the firefighters inmates that are working there as well. Spectacular job. All they work so many people who live in these canyons, wait to learn if their homes have survived Alex stone ABC news Thousand Oaks, California, incoming youngest member of congress joining with many people her age to protest in action on climate change in the office of congresswoman Nancy Pelosi..

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