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Michael Eibar is waiting anxiously outside of a courtroom in Broward County, Florida facing emotions he's experienced before in a room near by a jury is locked away trying to decide if Michael's brother Pablo Eibar is a murderer or a man wrongly accused just would be amazing to have my brother back. I lost my mother, and in a way, I lost my brother when I was very young. I have I have a picture of my mother, and my brother from that time before he got arrested next to my bed. So it'd be like getting half of your family value. You know? This is very possibly Pablo bars. Final chance to win his freedom. It's been almost a quarter century since that August day in nineteen ninety four when he was charged with murdering Bush, Casey, Sharon Anderson and Marie Rodgers now for a third time. He waits for twelve strangers to decide his fate and three families wait to find out. If they will finally see Justice served. It Saturday morning and the jury files into the courtroom, the fifth trial, and the extrordinary cases Nickelodeon murder case is about to come to an end. From the south Florida Sun-Sentinel and wondering this is a special episode of flow news, Florida, the podcast that leads you into the dark side of the sunshine state. I'm your host and mccade Austin along with reporter Rafael omega. The cases Nickelodeon murderers is the story that launched this show in early twenty eighteen if you haven't listened to episodes one through four we suggest you go back and catch up start with the episode, titled the executions the update you're about to hear will make a lot more sense. The Casey's Nickelodeon murder case has been remarkable since the moment a sheriff's deputy discovered the bloody crime scene July nineteen ninety four Butch Casey whose real name was Casimir Sikorsky was beaten and shot to death on his dining room floor next to him lay. The bodies of Sharon Anderson and Marie Rogers to twenty five year old women. He met at his nightclub cases Nickelodeon within hours of the gruesome discovery came explosive evidence, a now famous twenty two minute video recorded by a surveillance camera mounted in a high corner of which is house the camera recorded two intruders, bursting through a back door with their faces covered to conceal their identities recorded them terrorizing Butch Sharon and Marie it recorded them as they put bullets into the backs of all three, and then it recorded, what should have been a moment that made this an open and shut case with the only witnesses dead and unaware of the camera. Aim. Directly at him one of the intruders removed a t shirt that had been covering his head and expose his face to the world. But although the video led police Apollo Eibar and eventually his friend Seth panel. It was the t shirt that the unwitting intruder removed from his head that would become the key to the case that and the advances in DNA technology that expose secrets held for twenty five years in the fibers of the blue shirt found outside Bush Casey's front door and last week. That's what prosecutor Chuck Morton told the jury in Pablo Ivers murder trial. The more things change. The more their status. This case has been hard of this court system since nineteen ninety four. Much changed since then you see the right here in the courtroom. Technology, particularly is different. We see no changes technology that occurred in our lives. Tiger fords. Which was a department was place. We seem changes have been made with respect to for wizards sites. You heard all that testimony. As believes Jay. Will. So we are. But again, how do we get the more things change? The more forensic evidence has alluded. The prosecution at every step in this sprawling case. There was none during that first trial in nineteen ninety seven when Pablo and south were tried together as co-defendants that trial ended with a hung jury. There was no physical evidence. Again, two years later when Seth was back on trial after that jury found him guilty of the murders. The Florida Supreme Court decided that the evidence against him was so thin. So circumstantial that it threw out the conviction and ordered a new trial three years later. Seth's team presented a jury with new information. It had discovered trying to convince them that Seth wasn't a killer for Seth waiting. During deliberations

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