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Is now in Turkey asking questions about the disappearance and possible killing of Saudi reporter Jamal kashogi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul before leaving Saudi Arabia Pompeii. Oh, talked about what he heard from officials there. They promised accountability for each of those persons whom they determine as a result of their investigation has deserves accountability. And an interview with the President Trump is warning of a rush to judgment saying the Saudis are being treated like they are guilty until proven innocent and likens it to the allegations against now supreme court Justice Brent Kavanagh saying he was innocent. All the way, here's Washington bureau chief Julie pace, this is really the furthest. The president has gone in picking up the Saudi line of defense, which is essentially that they know nothing about what happened to this journalist. He's has spoken with the king king Salman Hugh spoken with. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia who he says have both denied knowing anything about kashogi disappearance pro government Turkish newspaper published a gruesome recounting of the alleged killing of kashogi governor, Greg Abbott has declared a state of disaster in eighteen flood-stricken counties in central and south Texas video shows the bloated Llano river overrunning a bridge in King's Lynn outside of Austin, Texas, a bomb blast killed at Afghan parliamentary candidate as the Taliban worn teachers and students not to take part in upcoming elections and not to allow schools to be used as polling centres, a rocket fired from Gaza struck a residential home in southern Israel. The Israeli military began attacking militants sites in Gaza in response after days of rising tensions. No winning lottery. Ticket was sold in the latest mega millions drawing the jackpot. Now climbs do eight hundred sixty eight million dollars. This is AP radio. News. The owner of a Nevada brothel has died. Dennis Hof was found unconscious Tuesday morning and later pronounced dead hours. After his seventy second birthday bash ni- county sheriff Sharon wurley tells the Associated Press Hoff was found in his private residence at love ranch brothel west of Las Vegas. The sheriff said there was no preliminary indication of foul play and an autopsy will be conducted off a handful of brothels, including the moonlite bunny ranch that was featured on the HBO series cat house for two seasons. He was running for a seat in the Nevada State legislature as a Republican candidate. I'm Mike Rossier and employee of a Wendy's in North Carolina has been fired customer Jimmy shoe says he ordered two sandwiches provided the cashier with his name clear as day shoe notice the receipt listed his name as chubby which he says was an attempt to make fun of his weight. He says another employee hesitantly called out his name chubby to alert him people laughed in the restaurant. He called Wendy's. The employee was fired. Ed, Donahue API. Radio news. AP radio news. Good morning. I Donahue secretary state. Mike Pompeo.

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