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It's just, you know, and they didn't give they ended up giving up a first rounder and basically took all of Carson Wentz's ridiculously overpriced contract. America or like a significant amount of it. God is ridiculous. And Jesus, that kid that they threw out there against Belichick yesterday, holy fuck. Well, I remember, I forget what podcast might have been, it might have been sealed upon as somebody on a podcast. They asked him, well, what about this, well, what's that kid's name? Or something like that? Orange or something. He's like, yeah, imagine if Jalen hurts was absolutely horrible. Like with Willis, I think he's clearly wrong unprepared, but you know, he has like really interesting skills that could be developed. As far as I can tell, nobody thinks this guy has like NFL trades like any NFL, just no, I mean, I think in college, he's just a just a guy. You know, he's a guy. You know, this is like, this is like, you know, this is gonna be like some team's gonna drive a boat next in the 6th round this year. that he's gonna show up against Belichick. Yeah. Another, by the way, speaking of bad coaching hires since we're pretty clearly nearing the end of the cliff Kingsbury era and I don't know like I know rob you had some optimism about them this year that Eric and I did not share, but like can we talk about like so the theory of hiring camouflage tank correctly was that while very successful college coaches often fail. So what if we try the guy who couldn't win games with Patrick Mahomes? Like, let's switch things up. We have an unsuccessful college going, maybe that proves like it's great. Let's get Mark hellfried. Let's give Mark helfrich. A head coaching job in the NFL. I'm sure that's going to work out. I'm really curious, actually. I'm very curious. And I know we're looking forward on this. And it is a duck thing, but I think maybe we can end on this. I mean, Loomis, what do you think? Where is Bo going to end up in the NFL Draft? Well, so one thing that this is fascinating here, one thing that came up in the Oregon game is that actually has a year of eligibility. Really? I was unaware of that. But much like Dorian Robinson Thompson, something three other names, right? He seems to have been playing college football for like 17 years. Yes, yes. But he actually has another year. Yeah, so I mean, and it should be said, by the way, bonus has a nonzero chance of breaking organs all time single season, brushing touchdown record. He's been extraordinary. The all time record is 21 by Michael James. And so with about 6 games to go away, well, so you get three. 5 games to go, assuming that they go to the conference championship. Given the rate that he's been scoring the last couple of games, there's actually a chance here. So I don't know, it's hard because how do you evaluate a prospect like that? You know, who's in a terrible situation in auburn, which a program is just turned into an absolute clamshell.

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