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Insert funky seventies music birthday of iron and and all hell broke loose with by normally easygoing laid-back sets of grandparents in a black man and three of his biological children have married a white women with three of her biological children and then the world began for me and my siblings as well. Now that we're all older we talk about it and much more humorous ways. I mean racism and you know overt kinds of political stuff and privilege. Oh my god was privileged so apparent an odd. I remember my stepbrother. Bill who kind of launched my acting career for me Bill junior he and i were searching for apartments in new york and he informed me that i was the one who had to go and speak with a landlord. Pretty naive guy. You know frankly. I just was kind always been sort of just kind of going through life easy. I'm privileged in that way. And i i didn't really get it but when i said why. Are you going with me. And i had to be reminded by my then like nineteen twenty year old brother because you're white and go. Yeah that's right and so. It was jeb so many of those kinds of stories coupled with some amazing breakthroughs my racist archie bunker grandfather going through a process of meeting my stepfather in calling him the n word to his face and various other derogatory terms and sarcastic remarks to over the course of about seven or eight years following the birth of my half sister barbara who we lovingly call are mixed peanut so here we go by. Stepfather began by by dropping off his white family to visit their white family on holidays over the course of seven or eight years breaking down fears and barriers and preconceived systematic racism. Type things to carving the thanksgiving day turkey it again. What was essentially a version of arc archie bunkers house. So i got to watch it. Oh my my frightened grandparents confused. Old school grandparents grow comfortable with black.

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