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Recession might at least be good for mortgage rates. I'm Jeff label. Three 18. Time for traffic and weather and how's that traffic, Dave? Few work zones two crashes in Virginia route one 23 chain bridge road in Tyson's near old courthouse road paving steamroller still in motion. One lane gets by both ways on one 23 chain bridge road. And McLean on one 23 Dolly Madison boulevard, heading toward the chain bridge, northbound past the CIA caller finds crash with some damage on the left and one in the bushes on the wayside on the right. I 66 westbound from the belt way to nutley street lanes divide, two lines left, two lanes right, all lanes through, right lanes which need to exit. Heavy westbound beyond centerville likely a lane closure lingers for the express lanes project near bull run, 95, three 95 volume delays midday work zones have cleared in Maryland and Virginia volume delays in the beltway, southern prince George's county, Maryland, southbound route 5 branch avenue, slow from woodyard road, leaving Clinton toward bratty wine. It's one broken down beyond birch hill road, blocking the left side, three O one southbound crew wrote the overturned tanker truck, right side block for the recovery. It's possible they hold traffic when you do get by, it is one lane to the left, southbound there on three O one. When you need to hire, you need indeed the hiring solution helps you attract interview and hire candidates all in one place, visit indeed dot com slash credit. Dave dildine WTO traffic or forecast from storm team forest, Mike stenfors are unsettled weather pattern continues thanks to a stalled front for this afternoon intervals of cloud cover and some sunshine going to be muggy, chance for shower where I thought our highs mid to upper 80s. Overnight will stay muggy, chance for shower

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