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T o P A 10 41 2 Republican led Senate committees have issued a politically charged report on the work of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden son in Ukraine, the report concludes. That Hunter Biden's position on the Boris Must board was problematic and interfered with policy for the Obama administration. However, the report failed to show it changed the administration's policy toward Ukraine. The Biden campaign immediately. Pan the report is politically motivated, saying the allegations had long been debunked by media organizations and by US and Ukrainian officials. Honor. Biden held a paid seats on the board of Gas Company Karisma while his father oversaw Ukraine policy is vice president. Meantime, a big endorsement for Joe Biden coming from the wife of the late Republican Senator John McCain. On the Today show this morning, Cindy McCain describes Joe Biden is someone who stands up for the nation. I do believe that he'll make a wonderful president with regards to not only the military big but in every other aspect and most importantly, and the thing that touches me. A great deal is that Joe has great empathy for people in this country, people that are struggling people that are suffering that certainly not just through the covert crisis, but all along the way. Meantime, President Trump tweeted today, saying he hardly knows Cindy McCain, describing Joe Biden as a lap dog for her late husband and saying that he was never a fan of John McCain. Cindy McCain's endorsement comes as President Trump finds himself in a tight battle with Joe Biden in the state of Arizona. Kentucky's attorney general could announce as soon as today whether a grand jury has called for criminal child criminal charges in the Briana Taylor case. Louisville Police officers who killed Taylor and her home during a botched drug raid had been under investigation for months. We're merely taking steps we feel are necessary to protect the public Interim Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder says He's implementing safety measures ahead of an announcement from Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Camera feels.

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