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All right back here in Scottsdale with the Dodgers leading six to one Matt Kerr CD is the new picture we also have some other changes as well give you the ones that I know for sure bart bart is now doing the catching Shaw is at first Peter Maris is at second or make that a third Billy Hamilton is in center field and and those are the changes that I know of if there are any more will get them caught up to you right now here's John and the A. J. Pollock leads off against the keris CD CD who was originally signed by the Colorado Rockies he was a sixth round draft choice back in twenty twelve got to the big leagues of Colorado in nineteen games in twenty sixteen now he misses with a high fastball one ball no strikes from Connecticut and went to college and and pitched at St John's university in New York City he is twenty eight years old here's the pitch down and that's on the outside I wonder if he was it's a little bit younger but might have been there for at least part of Joe Panik's born in management teammates Mr good guy when a gold glove is Janice he did finish last year with the Mets one one page swing and a miss good high fastball at ninety five miles an hour Jeremy Phil's favorite infielder he started would still is one of the greatest double plays in World Series history history which was really cool it was game seven and the jets had a one run lead is there a runner on base nobody out is it nobody I think most of it should have been there's a called strike three to politics with a high fastball even so you should have been first and third with nobody out or like it could've been first his house was the one who did it in order is that filled pointed out on that fast field in Kansas city with the big alleyways if it again past panic who knows it might a gun in the alleyway and going all the way to the warm welcome scored in the runner my discord from first to tie the game there's a fastball high and inside to kick a Hernandez's been safe on an error a line drive that clanged off the glove of Donovan Solano is back in the first inning and then hit a long home run to left in the third one pitch right there outside corner with a changeup beauty strike call one ball one strike she's also been with the cubs he was acquired by the cubs in a trade with Colorado he also spent one year in the Japanese league with the Yakult swallows he is the one one PH swing and a miss that was the the the soft one I don't know if that was a breaking ball or another change I believe really fooled ki K. Hernandez is always ready to to light up on a fastball he thought that was a fastball the Seattle Mariners picked up a CD last year in mid season ended up in eleven games for the mariners as a ball too high to into to kick a Hernandez so he's been around for a while mascara CD C. A. R. A. S. I. T. I. two into page swing and a drive down the right field line slicing foul and he had that one right off the edge of the bat just kind of a flayer along the right field line is being very protective you got a ninety four mile an hour fastball right around the outside corner one out nobody on the Dodgers lead the giants six to one here in the fifth inning your CV still looking into Joey bart now gets design delivers man's popped up on the back out of place hi fast one of ninety five miles an hour that time keris CD did have some time as we mentioned with the cubs he's not to be confused with the cubs backup catcher Victor Caratini okay makes sense not not really they're about ready to tip off in an hour the jobs of the out of those they moved it to six ten local time the day game there's a swing and a miss they I know that was a hard slider it was a beauty then was eighty three miles an hour together to chase these phase two headers and kerosene is which struck them both out when you see what teams they've gone after receiving if you can get the hard curveball over right now in the first week of spring training then you should have pretty good success against these hitters he's got a good live fastball and mixing it up with that wash me **** well here's the pitches foul the big Rick there by the left handed batting mad baby looking back in over the screen ended up in the crowd off to our left on one account looking off to our left again see Seymour Hersh iser a former giant and a former Dodger now Dodger Telecaster here's the one pitch on the inside corners right to call with the fastball he was telling a story and with two outs and nobody on here in the fifth we'll have to wait a bit it was about how he almost came to the giants a few years earlier than the end up coming to the giants here's the wind up the to pitch swung on and pulled file I was at the the her shows are for group go deal wasn't no not that early but in nineteen ninety five he ended up signing with the Cleveland Indians and they were just getting good they had all these young players and they ended up with a great team great lineup but they needed a veteran pitcher and the giants wanted a veteran pitcher now the wind up use kerosene the throwing and a foul on the play off to the left thank you very much so it came down where he said listen I need the final offers now this will make your best offer and then I'll decide and he had it in his mind you kind of want to go to the American League anyway the south Cleveland they had a brand new ballpark ready at all these young upstanding talent player Manny Ramirez Jim told me what a what a group of players they had come up with is the into page strike three call of the inside corner that might have been the two seamer ninety three miles an hour starting off the inside and drifting back over the corner he strikes out the side mascara CD member that name remember we go to the last half of the fifth single J. would happen with that.

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