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And that's going to do it for today's edition. And that'll do it for this edition of I take. We're back tomorrow with much more good one. Let me, read you that I wanna say with on ESPN and I read that. and. That's GonNa do it for this edition of I. Take Back Tomorrow. Right here on. ESPN have a good one. Well listen we'll. Both confidence accomplished fighters take care of ourselves. Is the ground exhibition and listen? We'll be all right. The people that we're talking about now. Who Society say overhead over age washed up? They have a bigger fan based in guys fighting and playing now. All right. You heard this fight. I right here on I take the last going down September twelfth between these two studs right here and now we are going to be welcoming in. Roy Jones. Roy By way of introduction. Let me just tell the people out there that the kids who might not know. Floyd Mayweather kids you heard him. He was the best pound for pound of the world for so long, and by a lot many years, floyd was in his prime when Roy was in his prime, not a single person on earth didn't acknowledge that Roy was the number one pound for pound fighter in the world by a lot back then he's the Best I've seen in my lifetime when he was at his best and my pleasure work with you on HBO for all those years the great. Roy Jones Junior Roy. Thanks for joining the show. Thank you make sense, I don a and work with you as well. I'll know that I could another team as good as a country's. Yourself and Jim Lepe don't get any better than not in boxing. CA. As Frankie Potentially said in the Godfather. What was it part to? Those were the great old days. Those were the grill. For? Sure Roy once upon a time. You moved up to heavyweight. You'd never come close to losing a fight. You got robbed in the Olympics the worst robbery. I've ever seen your knocked out. mantell Griffin they. You because he was already on knee when you hit him, those were the only blemishes on your record and your moved up to heavyweight middleweight, super middleweight light, heavyweight winning belts all the way jump cruiserweight went up to heavyweight beat John. Ruiz easily for a belt, and after that fight, you opened as a two-to-one favorite to beat Mike Tyson, but that was many years ago. You're fifty one. He's fifty four. Who should be the favorite on September twelfth. I don't know it's hard to say Noah boxing boxing is a sport. A lot of times people always say that you live the first thing to go and my legs were. A key part of my my my style mosquito level the power of asking to go, and he's Powell, was the key element of his skill set so his skills alisdair. Their muscular legs was up. There used to be so I wouldn't be mad. They said he was a favorite, but I wouldn't agree with it. Roy when I think about exhibitions, it's an eight round exhibition tag here, but to sell this. There has to be a level of real competition. I think about someone like Mohammed Ali or you? If you guys were saying Hey, I'm fighting exhibition I could see you guys Bolo punching showboating. Shut doing the Ali Shuffle or Roy Jones signature move and having a good time in an exhibition I don't see how Mike can fight that way. Mike fights one speed full speed ahead. What do you like? How is that an exhibition? What's going to happen you? Listen. I don't know at all, but for me. I. Know How to have fun to Reagan. Try to make it the best. That I can make but same time you know Mike might unknown. Pit. Bull pup he played for. He'll get lost because Ali noses Greta. You know what I mean so. That's all Mike No gweat it so I got A. Pair, for whatever might come out with now I WANNA box and have a good time giving people. A good show will, but Mike Ordinary. You know he's not. He's not that person they can do that all he knows his. Take Your Hill and when he comes. He wrote. Back to who yield especially if you have a touch, good or A. Combination that He. then. He immediately become. Obsolete bipolar. Probably about. I mean he goes swift switch at some point and you're GonNa have to with Mike Tyson notice, so get myself prepared to deal. Mike Tyson rows. But Roy do. You at your at your best, you could play with guys. Lay on the ropes. I was there for so many. Whoever it was guys who had great Chins who you would drop was shots. They didn't see and you could pick off every single shot. Do whatever you wanted, but as you got older, the ropes became very dangerous for you as we all older fighters. So if Mike starts to turn this into kind of a real competition where he's going at you, Mike Tyson style. How do you counteract that? You're going to have to put something hard on them to gain his respect. Are you going to go to the ropes or you're going to try to move on your fifty plus year old legs? What do you do? You gotTA scout a rope, and you under be staying a little bit. Mean Abe's. Lewis is Donna chance got no. He got the MRS come. Let you gotTA. Let them be sting can be staying and got to back off me. If you don't then you gotta do. Alcohol the cruiserweight champion once upon a time told me before he moved up to heavyweight to fight. We use and I thought.

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