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Edson tells us the president may soon impose significantly more tariffs. After the latest round of trade discussions ended last week without an agreement the United States increased tariffs Friday on two hundred billion dollars of Chinese imports. The administration says it's beginning the process of even more tariff increases targeted at three hundred billion dollars in additional Chinese imports covering about every remaining product China sends to the United States amid US Iran tensions. The US deployed second worship and missile defense system to the Middle East. Trae inc. Says the US recently imposed new sanctions on Iran. These military moves in the Middle East. Do come as Iran is under immense economic pressure. After the Trump administration added yet another sanction last week this time targeting around industrial metals state Representative Charles take autists says governor Kevin stood his signed his Bill that clarifies confusing language. Regarding the protection of military, airspace and training routes. He says the Bill makes it clear that win companies must receive full clearance from the US department of defense and the FAA before beginning any construction the bell goes into effect right away. It's been six months since the Oklahoma department of corrections began working on maintenance projects at every state prison. This after the legislature passed a one hundred sixteen million dollar bond issue to pay for the cost of the repairs. DO see maintenance director Farren Bryant says the department has completed or is moving forward on more than one hundred thirty projects, including updating water and gas lines and electrical systems and replacing old heat and air systems. DO see has spent about forty million dollars so far university of Oklahoma president Jim Galilee is leaving. He announced his resignation yesterday, the former energy industry, CEO and major donor says he informed the univer-. -versities regions that he'll step down. Once they have a transition plan in place. Galley has been the school's president since July. First thousands of sandbags are ready to protect property around the keystone dam in northeastern, Oklahoma, KT, okay? Jim forci tells us why it's the largest about of water to rush through the dam and twenty six years the US army corps of engineers is releasing eighty five thousand cubic feet of water. A second through the damn reason. Rainfall in keystone lakes watershed has pushed lake levels more than twenty feet above normal. From the Katie. Okay,.

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