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Me his new album you played me the album, and he's the most Chris Christie. Lyrics. And here's something actually talk about. And is crazy when you say that he got something to talk about because I've been trying to get little skies back in the neighborhood since he was on my calendar. So if if you can ask your son as well. Go ahead. Here we go. Anglesey here, it how old is your son Latifi, he seventeen do you mind? If I ask what school does he attend? Go now. Know, very well. Homeschool now, can I can I ask you, how do you enjoy home schooling? We love it. So we love it. Go ahead now little kid actor. Oh, man. Yeah. I was in Brockton elementary play. Not only did I do that also split with the play idea of choir is, well, of course, they call it in school. Yeah. Yeah. You know? That's when they call me Lil Kirk. Before I got into big board. Would you have yourself a great day Lil fief already? You too. Thank you guys. Powerplays? Thank you for being on the best little skies, and she can't receipts. You know, what I love about that is that her son? Enjoy. Turned her onto it. Brazil already hit us up eight six six two four six eight nine two three. Out there who is the best or worst Lil hit us up. Big boy's neighborhood. To go. Which go. Motoko girlfriend. I notice you. Amanda. I. Does. Yeah. Gone. Show. Whoa. Shout. Know. Negga? Curry Irving would joke. Burn. Are you a virgin.

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