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Up separately they're all different government structures in Racine county there is a private nonprofit group called the receipt agriculture society that runs the fair they use the county fairgrounds body is a private nonprofit agency that runs the fair so they're the ones that have canceled affairs you don't blame the County Board of the county executive they didn't do it in this instance in Racine county it was the county fair board itself the backstories quite interesting there are thirty nine members of the board that oversees the Racine county fair let's start with this that's about thirty two to Betty the larger the government the larger any committee the worse it is right it just is how do you not many times people get out of these boards because they like the credit for everything anybody does anything on volunteer agencies twenty percent of the people do ninety percent of the work it's just the way it's always bad so my guess is that quite a few of these members are steps and the most of the work is done by a handful of other people who actually have a little bit of work ethic to them of the thirty died members there's a vacancy somebody died and two people didn't show up at the meeting so thirty six of the other members showed up to vote and the vote last night to kill the fair was very close this I think is probably typical of how these decisions are playing out all over the place very divided twenty voted to cancel the fair and sixteen voted to put it out bot and this is where the backstory gets fascinating I can't tell you who voted which way because they did it via a secret vote I talked today to Scott Gundersen some of you know his name he's a former official of the DNR before that he was a member of the state assembly on the Republican side he's odd they were seen county fair board Gunder said was one of the sixteen who voted to put the fare odd but he was outvoted he told me however that the board decided to have a secret paper ballot rather than a roll call were each person puts says their name or even a show of hands where you could see who voted what way they voted be a paper ballot sol I suspect some of the large box that voted not to have a fair can now turn around and lie and claim they voted the other way why would you have a secret ballot on that and if you're ashamed of how you're voting why would you even be on a board like that in the first place well they put out a press release that's filled with the kind of crap that we've been getting from a lot of these other organizations that have been canceling things but even by that standard this one is over the top the impact of the fair's cancellation will be felt far beyond the loss of our annual celebration the receding pouty ag society board of directors is heartbroken for the small businesses family farms competitors exhibitors volunteers community outreach groups and everyone else who dedicates their time to the receiving county fair no you're not heartbroken if you were heartbroken you wouldn't have done it what you are doing is attempting to use buzz words to defend your decision to cancel something if you believe that the impact of this is devastating you didn't have to do it if you believe you are putting yourself at risk by taking part in the fair you can quit as a board member but don't tell me your heart broken when you did something that you didn't have to go your just faking it because you're a phony the people who should be heart broken are the people who called out the fair who wanted to be put aside who through no fault of their own are being denied that opportunity because twenty dot list collards didn't have the I would say courage to put on the fair and put up with the criticism that they would get from lefties Fred Akkad silly everybody knows what the path of least resistance says cancel everything in sight other than protests and then you'll be perfectly fine with liberty if you dare to put your thank god you're going to get crap like the trump rally and that's I think what drove this I'd be willing to bet the majority of those twenty who voted to cancel the fair our senior area Democrats I'm just willing to bet that and the majority of the sixteen about to put it either are in fact Republicans but don't say your heart broken about the kids I don't think you're heartbroken about the benders when you could have very easily put this side particularly since we know there will be county fairs in many counties in Wisconsin this summer and those county fairs at which they what I do know how many people are going to get the call but virus there hardly anybody just as apparently hardly anybody got it from the protest still too early to say that for certain but we're now two and a half weeks said and none of the cities that are protests have seen virus bikes anyway I was all set up read the names of the twenty people cancel the fair but I can't do that because the receiving county fairs Wheaties and I guess I think the people who are most matter the sixty you know voted to put it out of the probably really hacked off at the other I will it about those people that work the hardest every year the other sixteen that voted to keep it going about twenty that just like show up and put some red but I'd say that I'm on the fair board and walk around drinking a beer the hall after doing those are probably the ones they canceled it right and as I say I bet if you broken down by political parties it would have been overwhelmingly Republican members wanted to put on the fair and democratic members I did not as I said not all fares in the area are canceled Walworth county is still a lot and I'm getting pretty good indications that they intend to punch forward and that is the largest in the state sake is still alive and holding our breath on that what most of the others have been called off of but boy oh boy if you haven't seen the double standard behind the acceptance and a complete nobody bothered at all about the health risks when these protests to then see people turning around a canceling county fairs in areas where there is not a dense population where there's been a very low instances of inst incidences cases better word very few cases of the virus is very very disheartening and as I said it is leading people to become very angry and realize that a lot of the people who patted themselves on the back forever and ever and ever about service to the community in fact the first time that that service became a little bit inconvenient they headed for the high heels and sold people out and I would say that of the Washington County fair the Waukesha county fair in pretty much all of them it wasn't a cancel their event despite the fact that the evidence is now overwhelming that holding an outdoor event with social distancing the very nature of the type of thing that you have going on would present literally no health risk or virtually no more health risk the people who would have a cold or any other kind of thing that you can get going to an event like that would pose is five fifty two a new stock eleven thirty W. 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