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John thank you for being here oh my pleasure always joy to see john ross bobby where's the favourite of our show he's done the media podcast everyone not the first one not everyone but a lot of them yeah i wanna say they're not there's for the nut certainly well let's look in these i don't see twenty we don't have the first one up anyway right but we know he wasn't that the first one right we know that ten twenty twelve you didn't make either john you must have been working or something it's not doing the show you weren't welcome was he i can't find about twenty thirteen it must have been the he was at eleven there's one over sixteen seventeen eighteen okay eleven okay then no twelve or thirteen right sixteen seventeen we're still when we were doing after thanksgiving there's a chance john it'd be out of town boscell it's possible back east for that all right there we go solve that problem that mystery to bed best one of the room you know that all right john thank you avi have there is go to me that's garin cockerel chevrolet own getting elliot hope berg bella our friend john ross valley we oh the podcast ak47 gone not forget if you enjoy never not funny why not sign up for the players club you get full video of every episode and an extra show every week when you become a member sign up now at podcast dot com.

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