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How what what signals Google's looking for on the web page? So let me let me look at. Okay. Let's look at what is it called the bead Lipson. Yeah. We'll tell I was just also looking at just typing in the name of the show. Right. New media show for an and spreaker live show without any kind of additional derive. It doesn't Oster or anything like that. I mean, it it still comes up. It just doesn't come up with the functionality cells. So if I searched the feed now, look what we got here, da da the feed dot Lipson dot com. And I know they don't have an external site for the feed at Lipson. So here it doesn't have the apple podcast listening. It has the feed that Lipson dot com. Now, if I'm a podcast or at Lipson, and I have my own website. And all of a sudden my show start showing up at the dot Lipson version of your show. I think that would be pissed, but I know that this show at Lipson is on Lipson. So, but it's a tent search result. Let me do the feed podcast. So it's a little higher. But all look at it this. It's a different show. It's a Chicago. Chef rush into newer, Rick. So I have to go the feed Lipson. Podcast. And there it is. It's at the top one was listed. There. Looked like let me back up. It's podcast at apple dot com. But yeah, there's podcast one the feed podcast right has met funny. So that's where that chef. So there's it's all about the semantics of the search results, you know, the feed. So if I type in the feed lips and podcasts. Well, people are gonna no no one's going to discover the Lipson feed. You know, it's just like I I think about my site. If I go back, and I do I just do get news. You know, I do dominate some of the search results. But I'm nothing for my podcasts. But if I do eat news podcast, then boom, I'm there. So what this what we really why here? This is discovery. Right. We want our shows discovered. So here's something I was trying. So I said, okay. I did my latest episode. It's and it's entitled Amazon's treatment pregnant women actually, it isn't the last episode because recorded thirteen sixty six Thursday nights. So this has not updated. Let me go look and see if it's updated on apple podcast go over to apple podcasts. And yes, it's updated here. I'm already at thirteen sixty six but the Google search results is only shown thirteen sixty five. So let me so let's look at episode thirteen sixty five and let me search for the title of that show Amazon's treatment of pregnant women. Let me just pace that in in the goal here. The goal. And if I look at this. Okay, I'm very happy. Where the episodes ranked the episode is ranked one two three is ranked number three in search results. This this is what a podcast or wants. But do I Edward podcast? And do we see the results? Nope. Nothing changes. So go goes to number one now, but I don't see audio there. There's no audio link. So ultimate goal is. We want our episode titles in the search results at Google to show the player because this is this if if someone's going to type in Amazon's treatment of pregnant women, and I come up number three, and there's a there's a player button there. Done. We won..

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